All the Instagram accounts York students need to follow

One account for everything from university news to college confessions

As a York student, Instagram is the place to be for your college news this year. For everything from official university pages to the funniest confessions on campus – whether you’re just moving in or even your final year here, it’s one of the best platforms to stay connected. Whether you live the influencer life or are online just to joke, York has the perfect blend of aesthetic views and sometimes wild messaging to meet all your social media needs.

To keep you up to date with a wide range of York content, we’ve rounded up the best Instagram accounts to follow this year:


Let’s address the duck in the room – it’s next to impossible to come to York without following our campus celebrity, which is usually surrounded by freshmen with cameras on Campus West.

After arriving in the summer of 2019, Long Boi quickly rose to Instagram fame, amassing over 50,000 followers and earning the infamous blue tick, making it official for @longboiyork topping the York charts and regular updates on the life of everyone’s favorite duck delivers . You can also spot some of his flighty friends and pick up some of York’s best merchandise.


This may seem obvious, but @yorkunisu is pretty much the go-to place for everything related to society, official university news and university-wide events. Whether you’re looking for the best deals on food and drink on campus, such as: For example, the Courtyard’s 40p beans on toast, or whether you want to find out about student council elections and community activities, it’s a good idea to follow Student Union. This account will help you keep up to date with all things University of York – and if they don’t have the answers to your burning university questions, they know who will!

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This one is especially useful for all the freshmen out there. A quick and easy guide to student nights out in town, plus information/tickets for special events and the best club deals and drink deals. Bonus points if you can be featured after a night out in Flares.


With such a mix of accommodating and self-catering on campus, as well as everyone who lives in the city, @uoyeatshopdrink is the easiest way to keep up to date with the best dining and shopping on campus. They offer the best deals and promote sustainability by highlighting the best ways to keep our campus green.


@imjustyork_ is your first stop for all the juicy York gossip, featuring confessions, memes and news with 300 posts and counting. It shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of every college on campus (although there are college admissions sites for seven of the 11 if you’re looking for something a little more niche) and is the place to soothe yourself , yes, we were all there.

It’s a private account, but it’s worth waiting a bit for it to be accepted. With over 9,000 followers to date and an anonymous submission platform, there really is a story for every occasion, from classic stories about the most messy of nights out to roommate fights and college memes that leave us all wanting more.

college confession sites

It’s no secret that York’s college system is quite popular — and just like freshman rivalry, there’s some competition between the sides of the college confessions. As of this year, @vanbrughconfessions, @constantineconfessions and @faxconfessions are the most popular college sites with the wildest stories, but there are also @davidkatoconfessions, @annelisterconfessions, @alcuinconfessions_ and @langfess.

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Again, all of these accounts have an anonymous submission platform and post very regularly, so they’re the perfect places to check up on how your old college is doing, or to try and spot yourself among the confessions (embarrassing or otherwise) that every day to be posted. Are you the apartment that people upstairs rant about for hosting Pres again?


Not to blow our own horn, but @theyorktab really is the place to go for everything from the latest student news, gossip, features and memes from York to keeping every student in the loop. It is closely linked to the national tab account and has almost 7,000 followers, so be sure to follow us!

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