Altair presents “AI and Simulation Enabling Digital Transformation” at Hannover Messe 2023

March 23, 2023 Altair Industries, Inc. News Summary

Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), will showcase solutions that accelerate digital transformation at Hannover Messe 2023, April 17-21, 2023.

Altair presents “AI and Simulation Enabling Digital Transformation” at Hannover Messe 2023

Altair, a global leader in computer science and artificial intelligence (AI), will showcase solutions that accelerate digital transformation at Hannover Messe 2023 from April 17-21, 2023. Altair will be in Hall 17, Stand E40.

As the pace of innovation accelerates, Altair is driving the future of convergence toward smart, connected everything with comprehensive open-architecture solutions for data analytics and AI, computer-aided engineering (CAE), and high-performance computing (HPC). Combining our decades of HPC-powered data science and simulation solutions with our Center of Excellence program, the Altair RapidMiner platform, and the Altair Units business model makes data analysis a simple, natural part of business.

At the Altair booth at Hannover Messe, visitors can explore technologies that support digital transformation at all levels. Booth highlights include customer exhibits and showcasing Altair’s vision for frictionless AI.

Design for sustainability

Altair’s lightweighting and material replacement solutions, platforms and workflows enable sustainable design. Keeping up with software innovations requires hardware updates to reduce resources and power consumption. Optimizing for performance and manufacturability enables companies to achieve their sustainability goals within their budgets and means.

An example: An AMPROVE robotic pick-and-place application implemented a component consolidation from 11 to just four parts; a standard component omission of two linear guides and 25 screws; resulting in a reduction in moving mass of 29.8 kg. All of this resulted in a business impact of either 34% faster production or a 52% reduction in energy costs.

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Accelerate ‘e-nnovation’

Altair empowers the electronics industry with an intelligent, multi-attribute approach to mobility, power electronics, and PCB design. Optimization and machine learning—along with low-cost computer simulation at the heart of the design process—enable the creation of digital twins. Digital Twin technology allowed Danecca to streamline its battery development process, resulting in a recent project that reduced cooling time by 60% and increased cooling pump on/off cycles – increasing range by five miles.

Turn concepts into reality

Hardware tests cannot be carried out for a start-up design for a series program. Novus wanted to create a vehicle that was faster and more powerful than other bikes on the market – while making the lightest bike. Using Altair tooling, they turned the concept into reality, creating a bike with 400Nm of peak torque and weighing just 103kg.

When it comes to creating virtual prototypes for the many different aspects that need to be considered with an e-bike like this, Altair offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution on the market.

The sustainable art of coffee

System-level digital twin technology has also enhanced the plant, machine and product design of Gruppo Cimbali’s new Perfetto espresso machine.

“For us, digitization is a game-changer hook. This allows us to reduce energy losses, balance peak loads and develop more efficient operating strategies,” says Maurizio Tursini, CTO Gruppo Cimbali.

With Digital Twin technology, Gruppo Cimbali can improve machine efficiency and achieve significant energy savings – making every cup of coffee more sustainable. The company can achieve these savings through early, extensive virtual prototype testing, which allows it to optimize its products better and faster than ever before.

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Frictionless AI

Altair is transforming the manufacturing sector with RapidMiner Cloud and our existing data analysis, engineering and HPC solutions. Altair’s unique solution set and open architecture eliminates the friction that often occurs when implementing AI between people and departments, tools and providers, and data professionals and data consumers. In addition, there is no financial friction between aspiration and reality. Altair enables fast, repeatable, and successful data analysis projects across the enterprise.

In addition to its booth presence, Altair will host the Altair “Data to Value Symposium” in Room 3B on April 19 at the Hannover Messe Convention Center. There, Altair experts will present Altair technology alongside customers such as Volkswagen, Sennheiser and others. Another central topic of the event is the discussion about Self-Service Machine Learning.

The agenda includes presentations on the following topics:

Process optimization for more efficient use of materials and resources Forecasting use cases to minimize raw material costs and environmental footprint Forecasting energy demand to avoid peaks and reduce energy consumption Best practices for assembly planning And more

To learn more, visit Altair’s booth at Hannover Messe in Hall 17, Stand E40 and attend the Data to Value Symposium on April 19 at 9am in Room 3B of the Hannover Messe Convention Center or visit our website.

About Altair

Altair is a global leader in computational science and intelligence, providing software and cloud solutions for simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics and AI. Altair enables companies across all industries to compete more effectively and make smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world—while building a greener, more sustainable future.

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