AM Best upgrades the credit ratings of Hotai Insurance Co., Ltd. down, revises Under Review status for evolving implications – InsuranceNewsNet

The ratings reflect Hotai Insurance’s balance sheet strength, which AM Best rates as weak, reasonable operational performance, neutral business profile and marginal enterprise risk management (ERM). The ratings also reflect the support the company has received from its ultimate parent, Ho Tai Motor Co., Ltd. (Ho Tai Motor) receives.

The ratings downgrade reflects the material deterioration in Hotai Insurance’s risk-adjusted capital position from the strongest level in 2021 to the very weak level in the 2022 year-end forecast, as measured by Best’s capital adequacy ratio (BCAR). This is mainly driven by the very material claims Pandemic insurance products that exceeded the sum of Ho Tai Motor’s two capital injections TWD 26.0 billion. Given Hotai Insurance’s cash and cash equivalents and liquid investments, AM Best believes the company has adequate liquidity to meet its claims obligations.

Looking ahead, AM Best expects capital and bonus growth to resume through full accumulation of profits from its profitable non-pandemic insurance business, although it is unlikely to return to pre-COVID levels in the short to medium term. In addition, the company’s ERM rating was revised from fair to marginal to reflect the company’s losses, which were higher than the industry average, which revealed its deficiencies in corporate governance related to product risk and accumulation risk control. The impacts under review with evolving impacts reflect the uncertainty surrounding the final level of damage caused by Taiwan’s COVID-19 development and possible changes in the government’s pandemic policy in the coming months, as well as potential further capital support from Ho Tai Motor if needed depends .

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Leveraging its long-standing relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation, Ho Tai Motor is the leading automobile dealership in Taiwan for two decades and holds a reasonable lead over its competitors. Since Hotai Insurance was acquired in 2017 and, in addition to active commercial and residential expansion, has benefited from the parent company’s extensive car dealership network to achieve rapid growth in the automotive business. For the future, AM Best expects this Hotai Insurance will continue to play a strategic role in Ho Tai Motor’s business ecosystem, and the group’s fundamentals will remain strong to provide explicit and implicit support Hotai Insurance, as shown by the capital injections. The lift rating reflects AM Best’s expectation that the parent company will provide timely additional explicit support to bolster the company’s balance sheet strength should ultimate losses from pandemic insurance claims far exceed losses TWD 26.0 billion capital injection.

Ratings will continue to be reviewed, with implications evolving, pending improved visibility of the ultimate pandemic insurance loss level and the magnitude of the capital impact, as well as the level and timeliness of parent financial support. AM Best will continue to have discussions with Hotai Insurance’s management team on claims development and potential further contingency capital plans, if necessary, to assess the impact on the company’s credit profile.

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