Amazon shoppers rush to buy $380 fake Apple gadget now appearing in cart for $199.99

BUYERS have turned to Amazon to snag a popular product at a fraction of the price.

Starting Thursday morning, Amazon buyers can pick up a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at a bargain price.

Starting Thursday morning, Amazon buyers can pick up a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at a bargain price. Source: Amazon

The smartwatch normally costs a whopping $379.99, but now the price has been reduced to $199.99 – a 47 percent discount.

The watch is reboxed and is offered in both silver and black.

Customers even get free shipping and free item returns.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a 46mm smartwatch that allows users to access all functions of a smartphone from their wrist.

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Features include the ability to call, text, and keep track of your fitness and health, among others.

However, the smartwatch is also characterized by the fact that it provides data on body composition such as body fat, skeletal muscle, body water and basal metabolic rate, according to Amazon.

It is equipped with a long-lasting battery that can work for up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Another cool feature includes the watch’s automatic sleep tracker, which provides tips for better sleep.

Thanks to the watch’s smart sensors, you can also monitor your heart health and stress levels.


The smart gadget has an excellent average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website.

“I love the EKG function that allows me to check my health and the ability to customize the watch faces to my heart’s content and love the ability to answer calls on it. That makes it very elegant and high-tech,” said one person.

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“If Samsung stops coming up with a design like this with the metal body and rotating metal bezel, I’ll probably never buy another smartwatch again,” they added.

“[My wife and I] They both have Galaxy phones so I decided to get my wife the Galaxy 4 Classic to replace her old Fitbit,” noted a second person.

“She undoubtedly loves the 4 Classic over the Fitbit! Now she got me one and… I wear it to track all my health signs and sleep patterns, it works flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra,” they added.

“Ease of use, love it. I get my calls, my messages, my sms, all info, all health, all benefits, EKGs, stress levels and much more. The only thing it doesn’t do is wash the dishes LOL,” joked a third person.

“I got my two friends to buy them too,” they added.