Amazon’s $11 Super Bright rechargeable flashlight is a must-have for all travelers

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The pocket-sized LED flashlight is perfect for camping, hiking or even walking the dog.

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Flashlights come in handy in all sorts of situations: power outages from the last winter storm, finding your way back to the tent when camping, or just walking the dog at night. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to complete certain outdoor tasks without a good flashlight—and certain indoor tasks, too. If your options always seem to be a heavy, bulky flashlight or a ridiculous junk drawer gadget, beware: there’s a perfect happy medium.

The Blukar rechargeable flashlight is proof that the best (and brightest) things come in small packages. This portable device is just over five inches long — that’s less than most iPhones — and weighs less than three ounces, but it’s powerful enough to act as a strobe light or even an SOS light and emits up to 2,000 lumens for up to to emit 16 hours on one charge. Suffice it to say that not only is it great for things like camping and hiking, but it’s also great to keep in your purse or glove box and is the perfect little tool for a survival kit. This little warrior normally retails for $16, but right now Amazon has it on sale for just $11.

To buy:, $11 (originally $16)

This handy LED device actually has four light settings so you can opt for low or high in addition to the super bright flash and SOS. The Blukar handheld flashlight even lets you zoom in and out, giving you a full view up to 590 feet, even in the darkest conditions. But the best part is, you don’t have to look for lithium batteries either: this brilliant little travel companion has a built-in rechargeable battery (and it also comes with a USB cable for charging).

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And of course, the Blukar rechargeable flashlight is small enough to put in your pocket, so you can take it with you when you are walking the dog or just enjoying an evening stroll. One reviewer even uses it to “fiddle with cords and salvage cat toys from behind and under furniture.” It’s total convenience in an $11 package. You can also opt for a two-pack for $22, so you can toss one in your car and one in your trash drawer or hiking backpack.

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To buy:, $22 for a two-pack (originally $24)

Despite being relatively new to Amazon, it didn’t take long for people to realize what a gem the Blukar portable flashlight is. Amazon customers are a keen bunch, and they’ve already given this flashlight more than 2,900 five-star reviews. One discerning customer looking for inexpensive emergency car lighting said: “I like it so much I got a second one after it went on sale the day after I bought the first one. [The] I can keep the second one in my bag for hikes, trips or when I’m out late.”

Another is very impressed with the endurance of this “extraordinary” little character. “This flashlight exceeded my expectations,” they gushed, adding that it’s “very light, handy, and super bright.” They’re also impressed with how long the light can last, saying, “I’ve been using it for a few days and I still haven’t had to charge it.”

Still not convinced that such a small flashlight can put out such a bright beam? One customer joked, “This thing could blind a charging bear,” adding that they like it because they work nights and can now walk to and from their store with a brightly lit route. Another joked it might even be “powerful enough to illuminate the surface of Mars.” Another, incredibly serious, called it “brilliant” for its SOS Morse code flashing feature and said it could potentially be a “lifesaver.”

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To buy:, $11 (originally $16)

So when your life needs a little light, the Blukar rechargeable flashlight is the perfect choice at a delightfully low price: only $11 on sale at Amazon. It’s a splash in the bucket for a pocket-sized must-have that will bring you clarity and security for many nights to come.

At the time of publication, the price started at $11.

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