Amazon’s Best-selling Devices and Electronics Are on Deep Discount for a Limited-Time



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In the modern world, smart gadgets have become indispensable for everything from seeing your loved ones during a call to accessing obscure books. Amazon is banking on deep discounts ahead of Black Friday this year, so there’s no better time to shop at such affordable prices.

Here are some of the best deals on Amazon devices if you’re looking for a new trendy doorbell system that lets you verify visitors before answering or upgrading your Fire Stick or Echo Dot. Hopefully you find the perfect one for your needs and budget – but act fast as these deals don’t last long.

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Do you remember cables? Yes, me neither. Fire Sticks have completely eliminated the need for cable TV, with the ability to buy or cancel premium apps at the touch of a button. You can still get HBO, Hulu, ESPN, and Disney without contract hassles.

Buy from Amazon, $25

Buy from Amazon, $35

Fire TV

Ditch the Fire Stick altogether with a Fire TV. The built-in feature of these smart TVs ends the era of connecting cables or devices to your TV.

Buy from Amazon, $230

Buy from Amazon, $250

Buy from Amazon, $99

echo point

The popular Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speakers fill your home with high-quality sound. They’re interactive, so you can ask the Echo Dot about the weather, sports scores, news and more, or just play your favorite music. They work with popular apps like Apple Music, Sirius, Pandora, and more.

Buy from Amazon, $50

Buy from Amazon, $40

echo show

This Echo accessory has a screen that lets you make video calls, watch recipe videos while you cook, or ask Alexa to add items to a shopping list.

Buy from Amazon, $70

Buy from Amazon, $170

Buy from Amazon, $35

Kindle Paperwhite

The gold standard in readers, the new generation of Kindles are thinner, last weeks before needing a charge, and are easier to read than ever. Store thousands of tracks and pair with an Audible subscription and Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your stories. Some are even waterproof if you’re reading down by the river. Different models have different features, so find out which one is right for you.

Buy from Amazon, $130

Buy from Amazon, $105

Fire HD tablet

watching TV, making video calls, or listening to music; These handy devices are easy to use and accept Alexa voice commands.

Buy from Amazon, $75

Buy from Amazon, $55

video doorbell

These are the caller IDs of front doorbells. Never get unwanted visitors again when you filter callers to your home. Features include two-way audio, HD video, motion and bell app alerts, and Alexa activation.

Buy from Amazon, $35

Buy from Amazon, $60

Buy from Amazon, $123

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