Amnesia The Bunker PC horror game is coming

Frictional Games today released its highly anticipated horror game, Amnesia The Bunker, which brings together a wealth of different mechanics including puzzles, physics, combat and spooky dream sequences. Check out the trailer below for more on what to expect from the new horror game, as well as a bit of gameplay to whet your appetite.

“Those of you who have played Penumbra: Overture will remember these elements well. As we near the release of Amnesia: The Bunker – coming June 6th – we wanted to take a look back at how we’ve continued to refine our formula and approach to games. The real breakthrough came with Amnesia: The Dark Descent. We started focusing on key aspects that resulted in a much more engaging experience.

We left out combat and all other aspects that didn’t directly contribute to the horror experience. This led to players being more aware of their surroundings and becoming more engaged. For example, a simple sound effect could trigger violent reactions, causing players to run and hide. Players are immersed in the action in a way we’ve never experienced before.”

Amnesia The Bunker PC

“the limits. That’s how SOMA was born. We asked ourselves: instead of scaring the players, could you evoke a similar immersion in more complex subjects? In the case of SOMA, the question was: can you make them explore the nature of consciousness Five years of work later, it turns out you could.Then we wanted to grow our studio into a two project operation and split our team in two.

One group worked on Amnesia: Rebirth, where we tried to tie gameplay and narrative more closely together and introduce mechanics (like simulating a belly massage) that had significant impact on the story. We were proud of the result but felt we could have gone further. A clear sign of this was that once players learned the game, they approached each section in a predictable manner. The gameplay just didn’t go far enough to really empower the player.”

“With Rebirth launched and our other project – let’s call it the Super Secret Project – still ongoing, Fredrik Olsson, Rebirth’s creative lead, proposed a simple idea: why not have a monster, give the player a gun and unleash them in an open world? This was a smaller, more focused project that we managed to complete before the Super Secret Project. The bunker was born.”

Source: Steam

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