Andrew Garfield and Sally Field’s SAG Awards Reunion has the internet in their Spider-Man feelings

It looks like movie families really do last forever as Andrew Garfield and Sally Field (aka Peter Parker and Aunt May) reunited last night during the 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Garfield Field received the Lifetime Achievement Award presented.

Garfield and Field starred in the 2012 iteration of the Spider-Man film series The Amazing Spider-Man and the 2014 sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They play arguably the most adorable duo in superhero canon, sharing a team of aunt and nephew an unbreakable bond forged from adversity. Aunt May is at the heart of Peter’s world after the death of his uncle, and she continually works to steer him in the right direction, both as a hero and as a person. It’s clear to anyone who’s read or watched Spider-Man media that Aunt May has nothing but love for her nephew, and Field seems to have the same unconditional love for Garfield.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter before the show began, Field referred to Garfield as “her boy” and said she “loved him to pieces,” which is a bit of deja vu since Aunt May Peter felt a similar feeling afterwards The latter was eager to dig up more information about his father in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, saying, “You’re my boy! As far as I’m concerned, you’re my boy!” It’s so nice to see that family connection seeping through the screen and into the real life of these two brilliant actors.

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And it’s safe to say that Garfield shares absolutely the same love for his onscreen aunt, as he delivered a beautiful, tear-jerking speech before presenting Field with her award. Garfield spoke from the heart, stating that his nervousness about working with someone as experienced as Field vanished immediately [his] Eyes found theirs.” He continued to call Field a “North Star” for all actors in the industry, explaining how she helped change the landscape for female actors by “breaking a previously pathless path in an era of often unimaginative and one-dimensional female roles.” Garfield had many more wonderful things to say about Field, but I’ll let you see the rest for yourself below because it’s going to be difficult to type through the tears.

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The love fest between the two actors continued as Garfield, channeling his true British gentleman nature, accompanied Field backstage for interviews while carrying her prize for her while she tended to his suit to make sure it was clean and was neat. We’re really just trying to get our hearts exploding at this point TBH.

Then, during her interview with Entertainment Tonight, which Garfield adorably interrupted, Field really embodied the whole Stan Twitter when she told the actor that it wasn’t okay for him to leave her side for even “a minute,” and Garfield lovingly covered her ears as he gushed about what an honor it was to present Field with her due flowers, since such moments of praise are “so rare”.

This reunion was truly the culmination of an already unforgettable night and I think I speak for everyone when I say these two must be in another film like yesterday!

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