Android: The Play Store warns you when an application on your smartphone could crash

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The Play Store warns you when an application tends to crash on devices with the same technical configuration as yours.

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Can your mobile device run this application in good conditions? The Play Store displays a warning message when a user tries to install an app prone to errors and crashes, reports Mishaal Rahman. “Current data from similar devices shows that this app may not work properly on your device” is written in red letters under the green “Install” button.

This feature was quietly announced on the Android Developers Blog in October 2022 and its rollout started on November 30, 2022. It seems that this feature has been accelerating in recent weeks. If you try to install a poorly optimized application from the Play Store or an application that requires a lot of resources when your mobile phone is not powerful enough, you may get this message.

An additional technical constraint for developers

“Technical quality may vary from device to device,” Google explains to application developers to help them understand how this new option works. “For example, an application may run stably and smoothly on one phone model but not on another. To account for this, we’re introducing a new misbehavior threshold scored per phone model. At launch, this threshold is set at 8% for the user-perceived crash rate and the user-perceived ANR rate (note: the error message “The application is not responding”).

This means that beyond that 8%, an app’s performance is considered unusually poor for a given smartphone or tablet model. This rate is significantly lower for all smartphones, as it is estimated at 1.09% for crashes and 0.47% for app not responding errors.

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“If your title exceeds the misconduct threshold for a specific phone model, Google Play may limit the visibility of your title to users of that phone model. For example, we may exclude the title of certain recommendation and discovery areas. In some cases, we’ll show a warning on your Play Store listing to let users know that your app may not work properly on their phone, says Google. We are now warned, and so are the developers.

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Some users report that Google Play tells them that “recent data from similar devices indicates this app may no longer work on your device”.

I’ve never seen this before, so I think it might be relatively new.

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— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 2, 2023

Source: Android Developer Blog