Angered over vehicle towing, Mumbai lawyer assaults woman traffic cop

Lawyer abuses traffic cop in Nala Sopara charged with attempted murder


  • Traffic cop dragged by lawyer in Nalasopara
  • Lawyer upset about his two-wheeler being towed away by the traffic department for being illegally parked
  • The lawyer and his wife were charged with attempting to kill a police officer and obstructing government work

By Aashish Mukesh Dixit.

MUMBAI: A shocking incident of a lawyer attempting to kill a traffic cop by attempting to run her over with a speeding motorbike was brought to light in Nalasopara on Monday afternoon. Video of this incident went viral.

The policewoman’s limbs were injured in the incident. The Nalasopara police have registered a case of obstruction of government work and attempted murder and arrested the accused lawyer couple. Meanwhile, the lawyer claims that the police have started a case against him out of resentment.

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Vasai Traffic Officer Pragya Dalvi, 30, was in Patankar Park around 1pm Monday afternoon. A vehicle belonging to lawyer Brajeshkumar Bhelauria, 31, was towed away after being reported for violating traffic rules.

Enraged, the accused Bhelauria forcibly entered Government House and obstructed the work of Government, dismounted from his two-wheeler and crashed into the Godown’s main gate at high speed.

Lead private detective Vilas Supe said the accused lawyer couple were arrested for obstructing government work and attempting to kill female police officers by riding a motorbike at high speed.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened in Mumbai. On July 9 of this year, a 28-year-old engineer and resident of Kharghar, who dropped out for breakfast, ended up in police jail on charges of attempted murder after dragging a police officer 500m on the hood of his car; The incident happened after the police officer asked him to stop because he was driving on the wrong side
The engineer identified as Akash Jangid, a resident of Khaghar Sector 10, was driving on the wrong side near Kopra Bridge Road. Constable Namdev Gadekar, 32, from Khaghar Traffic Unit, Navi Mumbai, has been tasked with taking action against vehicles coming in the wrong direction.
When he saw the car driven by Jangid coming in the wrong direction, he tried to stop him. However, instead of stopping at the traffic policeman’s request, Jangid dragged the policeman from Kopra Bridge to Swarna Ganga Jewellery.