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Ankur Warikoo on BE Famous
In the latest episode of BE Famous, Ankur Warikoo spilled the beans on his content marketing strategies and how he stays relevant with Gen-Z.

The entrepreneur, author, and content creator started by sharing his ideology behind the slogan “Do Epic Shit.”

“Doing things bigger than you and having fun while doing it is what I always want to do, and that means ‘Do Epic Shit,'” Warikoo said.

Regarding understanding different audiences for different platforms, Warikoo shared that his team maintains a sheet called the “Brand Warikoo Content Sheet,” which specifies the audience of each platform, the content type, and the persona that Warikoo aims to portray on that platform.

He said: “On Instagram, I’m a friend to relate to. Whereas in my newsletter I am someone who confides in my readers my darkest secrets and is vulnerable.”

Speaking about whether he actually practices what he preaches, Warikoo said, “For me, it’s the other way around. I only preach what I can practice because I don’t know any other way.”

A Warikoo Instagram follower once asked him how his same format of “top 3 things” has worked against the same background for years.

He explained that after a certain point it doesn’t matter what a creator wears, where they sit, what equipment they use. Only content quality can make a content creator win, and the day they crack that, everything else will work too.

Another challenge for developers today is finding content. Warikoo said, “India is a country where content will never be in short supply. When you step out onto the street, the typical Delhi swank crowd, the vegetable vendors, the environment itself can provide a lot of content.”

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Unlike most content creators, Warikoo’s feed doesn’t show too many brand collaborations. In order to keep his content authentic, he avoids too many brand promotions, as these sometimes make judgments about the content.

He added: “Before I work with any brand, I keep three things in mind. It should be a brand that I have personally used or know the founder very well. The content should be seamlessly integrated, otherwise it is a sponsorship. And finally, each platform should have the relevance of that brand.

Finally, Warikoo explained that inconsistency is the number one reason most content creators fizzle out. As such, consistency and discipline are key for aspiring creators to climb the ladder in the content creation journey.

Watch the full video here:

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Posted March 17, 2023 at 9:39 AM IST

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