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February 27, 2023 | 4:57 p.m

Anna Sorokin’s former lawyer plans to write a full-scale book about the bogus heiress – a move that comes after her license was revoked and she no longer has a “deterrent” to uphold attorney-client privilege, The Post has learned.

“She’s trying to get as much connection with me and my story as possible,” Sorokin – aka Anna Delvey – told the Post Monday of her ex-attorney Audrey Thomas.

Thomas went belligerent in vulgar emails with Sorokin’s current lawyers and court clerks last week, revealing that she plans to publish two books — including one about her headline-grabbing former client, whose fraudulent exploits are the subject of the Netflix show Inventing Anna” were.”

The email includes a mockup book cover with photos of the 32-year-old “Soho Grifter” and Thomas along with the title “The Anna Delvey Reality.”

Anna Sorokin says her former attorney’s plans to write a book are a violation of attorney-client trust and privilege. Audrey A Thomas

Sorokin filed a lawsuit against Thomas in September 2022, demanding the return of court documents she says she needs to help fight her deportation case and her 2019 grand theft conviction in an appeals court.

“It’s been like this for almost a year,” Sorokin said. “It’s really frustrating. The only reason she does it is to annoy me.”

Last week, Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron said Thomas had a week to turn over the documents or she would be convicted and ordered to pay Sorokin’s legal fees.

Thomas was not present during the hearing and did not file any court documents in the case, so Engoron’s clerk emailed a “courtesy copy” of the order.

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Audrey Thomas has been disqualified from an unrelated case for alleged misconduct.Twitter/Audrey Thomas

Responding to the clerk’s email – which copied Sorokin’s lawyers – Thomas said: “How stupid are you I can’t give you what I don’t have!!!!!!!!!!!! !” according to court records, including the emails.

“I don’t have a s—tttttt….Please leave me alone with the f—k,” the email continued.

She told Sorokin’s attorneys that they could pursue her for legal fees once she published her books.

Sorokin now said that Thomas was disfellowshipped — for allegedly stealing $630,000 from a client in an unrelated 2013 case — she fears any safeguards of attorney-client privilege would fly out the window.

“Now that her license has been revoked, she has no incentive to comply with anything,” Sorokin told The Post. “So in a way, it’s pretty scary. If she is able to send emails like this to the court, what will she do with my files?”

Sorokin fears that now that Thomas has lost his license she will never release the legal records Sorokin needs. Steven Hirsch

Sorokin’s attorney, Duncan Levin, told The Post, “These emails speak for themselves in terms of her utter lack of professionalism – as does the fact that she had her license revoked.”

“As a former attorney – even one who lost her license – she should know better than to address the court inappropriately,” Levin said.

Sorokin is suing Thomas to have the records returned, which she has been fighting for since last year.Twitter/Audrey Thomas

Engoron gave Thomas until March 1 to turn over the files, but in light of Thomas’ email, Levin is now asking the judge to force her to “turn over her entire file immediately.”

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Levin also says Thomas should pay Sorokin’s legal fees and be “severely sanctioned” by the court.

Sorokin served four years in prison after being convicted of stealing $200,000 from banks and businesses. After her release in February 2021, she was forced to surrender to ICE for allegedly overstaying her visa and having a felony conviction on her record.

Thomas told the Post Monday that Sorokin forfeited attorney-client privilege when she accused the attorney of misconduct.

“In our amazing justice system, there is no attorney-client privilege when you accuse your attorney of wrongdoing,” Thomas said. “This is especially true if your claims are false.”

Referring to the emails, she said: “Well that was clearly not intended for the court so I will apologize to the Attorney General because that wasn’t actually intended for him.”

“But I meant every word I said in relation to Duncan and his team,” she said.

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