AP Govt unveils new fiber optic internet plan to help small filmmakers generate revenue, ET BrandEquity

To give small filmmakers a chance and help small and independent filmmakers increase their revenues, AP Govt is developing a direct-to-home internet fiber optic service. With this Andhra, people can watch every First Day First Show movie at home while the movies are simultaneously released in theaters and OTTs.

At his announcement event, AP Fiber Net Chairman Gautham Reddy said: “AP Fiber Net is offering the opportunity to watch the first show on the first day at home on the day of the film’s release and as per the idea of ​​Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, we bring this service to Telugu people. People in remote villages can also see the film on the day of release.”

Speaking at the media conference held at Prasad Lab in Hyderabad on Friday, he added, “We offer internet services in AP at a low price like nowhere else in India. We’re not against big heroes and producers, but this is a unique service to young and aspiring filmmakers. Through this model, there is a 50:50 relationship between the creators and the AP government, and APSFL will connect filmmakers with more people from the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. This will also give people in villages a chance to see the film on the day it is released.”

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APFDC Chairman Posani Krishna Murali said: “I like the concept that on the day the film is released, the same day the film is seen in the remote villages. If even one film by a great actor, Chiranjeevi, is released on the fiber optic network, it will be of great benefit to people.”

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AP Electronic Media Advisor – and popular comedian Ali said: “When a producer works hard to make a movie, it gets pirated the day it’s released. Why can’t we stop piracy in the industry? We should all fight against it. Seeing a film on the fiber optic network on the day of release is like oxygen for a small film. Small producers will benefit from this fiber optic network service. I think big producers will also get in touch in the future.”

Tollywood film producer C. Kalyan, who was also present at the event, stated, “Posani Ali and Joginaidu, appointed by the AP government, are doing well in the Telugu film industry. The films released on the fiber optic network are a boon that Jagan bestows on small filmmakers. Small films are generally not released in theaters and people ate them on OTT. Today this platform will be a breadwinner of the poor and small producers. AP CM Jagan’s vision is very big. This is a good idea for developing film industry. On behalf of the Telugu film industry, thank you for giving small producers a great opportunity.”

AP Culture Committee creative director and veteran actor Joginaidu shared, “YS Jagan works hard for the welfare of filmmakers like no other government has done before.”

Popular film producer Tummalapally Rama Satyanarayana added: “This revolutionary fiber-optic release-day program is the ‘tenth jewel’ that AP Chief Minister Jagan is offering to the film industry!”

Posted April 8, 2023 at 2:30 p.m. IST Most Read in Media

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