Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: All Champions Store And Faction Store Rewards

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions went live on Tuesday, along with a new Battle Pass launch. But just like last season, the Champions Battle Pass isn’t the only source of new season-exclusive cosmetics – the latest game update also brought a large collection of new cosmetic items to the game. These items are all Season Exclusive and cannot be purchased with real money or Syndicate Coins. Instead, the items are available for free through the Champions Seasonal Store.

But wait, there’s more! Besides the Champions Store, Season 3 also introduced the Faction Store, another in-game pharmacy full of great looking free cosmetics. The new Seasonal Store and Faction Store offer a total of 25 free cosmetic items that are exclusive to mobile (if you’re willing to put in the work to earn them).

As with every previous Apex Mobile season, the items in the Champions Store can only be unlocked with seasonal currency, which can be earned by opening supply caches and participating in events. The seasonal currency gets a new name each season, and this time the currency is called Champions Coins. The more you play the game, the more currency you accumulate.

You can find the following items in the Champions Store:

  • Rodent Heraldry Ashes Banner Frame (Legendary): 7,000 Champions Coins
  • Precision Flourish Ash Banner Pose (Epic): 3,000 Champions Coins
  • Wraith Legends Bronze Warden Skin (Epic): 10,000 Champions Coins
  • Arrow Etched Rampage Weapon Skin (Epic): 9,000 Champions Coins
  • Fox’s Sense Triple Take Weapon Skin (Epic): 9,000 Champions Coins
  • Rat King Holospray (Epic): 3,000 Champions Coins
  • Skill User Avatar Frame (Epic): 3,000 Champions Coins
  • Wins as Ash Stat Tracker (Epic): 2,000 Champions Coins
  • Games played as Ash stat tracker (Epic): 2,000 Champions Coins
  • Wayward Guardian Ash Legend Skin (Rare): 5,000 Champions Coins
  • Honored Champion Gibraltar Legends Skin (Rare): 5,000 Champions Coins
  • Sign of the Serpent R-99 Weapon Skin (Rare): 4,000 Champions Coins
  • Fulgid Flicker Havoc Weapon Skin (Rare): 4,000 Champions Coins
  • Acropolis Wraith Banner Frame (Rare): 2,000 Champions Coins
  • Hardened Ashes Banner Pose (Rare): 2,000 Champions Coins
  • Going All Out Gibraltar Banner Pose (Rare): 2,000 Champions Coins
  • Polished Steel Weapon Charms (Rare): 1,000 Champions Coins
  • Centurion Banner Badges (common): 1,000 Champions Coins
  • Syndicate Pack (General): 1,000 Champions Coins

You need a total of 75,000 Champions Coins to unlock all items in the shop.

Compared to the Champions Store, the Faction Store has a much smaller inventory with just six items available (although it looks like more cosmetics are on the way). Unlike the champions shop, the faction shop cosmetics require both champions coins and contract points. Contract Points are earned by completing the challenges listed on the Fight for Your Faction event page.

The faction store currently contains these items:

  • War Torn Bangalore Legends Skin (Epic): 7,000 Champions Coins + 350 Contract Points
  • Reign of Kunais L-STAR Weapon Skin (Epic): 6,500 Champions Coins + 320 Contract Points
  • Reloaded Bangalore Banner Pose (Rare): 1,500 Champions Coins + 80 Contract Points
  • Guardian Helm Weapon Charms (Rare): 800 Champions Coins + 40 Contract Points
  • Legendary Skin Tropical Claw Bloodhound (Rare): 1,500 Champions Coins + 80 Contract Points
  • Vapor Ware Flatline Weapon Skin (Common): 1,500 Champions Coins + 80 Contract Points

You will need a total of 18,800 Champions Coins and 950 Contract Points to get all of the items currently in the Faction Store.

The Faction Store and Champions Store cosmetics rival the Battle Pass cosmetics in quality, and for that fact alone they are worth the effort. But unlike the Battle Pass, these items can be purchased with Monopoly money – no Battle Pass required – making them even more appealing. Champions Coins are almost effortless to acquire, and while Contract Points are a bit more difficult to obtain, they’re still relatively easy to obtain.

The Faction Store will be accessible throughout Season 3, but the items from the Champions Store will expire when the Battle Pass expires on November 29th, so plan accordingly if any of the cosmetics catch your eye. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at each individual item currently stocked in the Champions Store and Faction Store.

Apex Legends Mobile is available to download for Android and iOS devices.