App Army Assemble: Stuffo the Puzzle Bot – “How does this puzzler compare to the rest?”

Stuffo the Puzzle Bot, as the title suggests, is a puzzle game by indie developer Antti Tiihonen. It’s a simple idea where you stack boxes to help the titular hero reach the exit of each level. Since our App Army members are experts at solving puzzles, we give them the game to see if it’s full of satisfying brain teasers.

Here’s what they said:

Isaiah Stuart

This puzzler is pretty decent. Puzzlers in general tend to test my patience and the movement is particularly patient on this one, but overall the game works pretty well. I really like the visual presentation, although it’s not the most conducive to solving puzzles. Overall nothing special, just good. I would say it’s worth the price.

Brian Wigton

I loved the look and aesthetic of Stuffo when I first saw the app on the App Store/Google Play. I was dying to try it and was grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the game. First, I have to admit that I didn’t have the best time, due in large part to the touch controls. It just didn’t feel that intuitive to me and I wasn’t sure why. Luckily I read somewhere that the game was originally a PC game and that keyboards work fine with the game. Samsung keyboard case to the rescue! I played through about half a dozen levels using the arrow and space keys and was pleasantly surprised.

The goal is to move certain crates or blocks to certain places in the levels to get to the exit. Your character will automatically climb up a block, but only if the height is 1 block up. The levels add things like teleporters to keep things interesting and get you thinking more about your moves. Some levels have atoms that you try to get before exiting, and that adds to the challenge as well.

The soundtrack has a decent electronic quality and the sounds are simple but effective. The graphics have a chunky but charming look and some nice lo-fi reflections and the like. There seems to be a lot of layers included which makes the value proposition even better. If you like physical logic puzzles similar to Sokoban, there’s a lot to like here, especially with the physical controls.

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Oksana Ryan

This game was definitely a good puzzle game where you have to move boxes to get to the exit. There are several ways to move through the levels, e.g. B. by moving the crates through transporter portals or using water jets to push them up. The pixel graphics are pretty basic but they do the job, the audio isn’t brilliant and I turned it off, the aspect was better in landscape mode because it allowed me to see more of the scene but one thing that annoyed me was the control. Until I really got into the game, I found the crate lifting and placing random and very often thought I’d completed a move only to find I hadn’t. However, for the most part, the puzzles themselves were ingenious and gave plenty of food for thought. I enjoyed the game but would only recommend a slight adjustment to the controls.

Michael Purdy

Original comment: Puzzle platformer is similar to classics like Lode Runner. You move from platform to platform using blocks that you can place in specific areas to reach the exit door. I like the pixelated art style. It was clearly designed for computers as the controls shown are clearly for a keyboard. Moving around the touchscreen works well enough, but I found grabbing and placing the blocks finicky. The good news is that the game has keyboard support on the iPad. I connected my iPad to a dock and it became much more enjoyable to play. I’m not sure if there is controller support because I haven’t tried it.

Updated Thoughts: Looks like they released an update that fixed many of the issues. Much more comfortable now.

Bruno Ramalho

Let’s just get that out of the way, the onscreen reminders that you can use your keyboard keys to do things. Yes it is a PC port, I think that will be removed in the future as it doesn’t make sense. The game is a sci-fi puzzle game that I really enjoyed. The soundtrack is top notch, the pixelated graphics look very nice and there is a lot of attention to detail even in a pixelated look. I like it when you try to go off screen with your stuffo robot and we get pushed back onto the platform by some kind of sea creature and that makes some waves too.

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As I said, some attention to detail and special effects is nice. The puzzles themselves start out easy but can get difficult pretty quickly. It’s not Sokoban, but sometimes it feels like it? As you slide crates back and forth you’ll need to be mindful of the order you slide them in and your place in everything so you don’t get stuck (there’s an undo). New mechanics keep coming in to freshen things up, which is nice, crates with water jets (energy jets?) that push you and crates to reach higher places, teletransport crates, energy crates that open gates and unlock other crates.

A lot happens. I liked the fact that you can play this game with one hand holding your phone vertically and also just walk out into the countryside and enjoy the panoramic views. All in all a great puzzle game for people who enjoy their puzzles. It’s not an easy game, I must warn you. But I enjoyed it very much.

Markus Abukoff

This is a good looking puzzler/platformer with a pixelated robot character and a noir aesthetic and a synthesizer soundtrack. I enjoyed the thought-provoking puzzles that introduced interesting new mechanics as you progressed. It took me a while to get to the point where I had to look to YouTube videos for help. It was a little frustrating having to walk the poor guy back and forth and over things, sometimes while carrying boxes, but it also got me thinking a little more to save time and not start over.

The only aspect that put me off was the controls. First, as mentioned, the hints about using the keyboard as a controller show that this is a port (which is fine – basically a good one) and that those hints haven’t been removed. I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know what’s involved, but it looks bad. And the controls on the right were either invisible or barely visible. Once I learned where to tap to access it, it wasn’t a big deal, but again, things could be improved. It’s worth mentioning that it can be played in portrait or landscape mode, which is always a bonus. Overall I liked it but I think it could use a little polish.

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Edward Pandele

Stuffo” is basically “Sokoban” turned into a platformer – you move little “Stuffo the Puzzle Bot” around, commanding it to grab crates, carry them and place them on specially designed areas around platforms to create that you can move onto and reach new crates that’ I will unlock new platforms (yes it’s an endless cycle) I really loved the puzzle design, it’s clever and surprising and twists your brain and goes further by introducing new elements (teleport boxes, fire hydrant boxes) so it doesn’t feel dated.The pixel art is minimal but it works and the levels look good.The game’s weakness stems from its core idea: rather than just anywhere tapping to place crates requires you to physically move the bot back and forth for each individual crate, which means you have to walk quite a bit (ok, a lot). patient and curious players.

Torbjorn Kaemblad

Stuffo is a puzzle game for PC and it keeps reminding you. Tutorials and hints keep pointing out that spacebars and other keys can be used. I find that more than a little sloppy. Gameplay consists of slow-moving sokoban puzzles, moving crates to traverse the environment. However, a bit too slow. The highlight is the old-school parallax platform presentation combined with a Blade Runner-esque synth soundtrack. Not a recommended game in the current iteration.

Massimo Sarakoni

So, Stuffo is a classic puzzle game with a robot moving boxes to reach the exit doors. Both the graphics and the sound effects are fine, as is the gameplay. A smart and cool little game to play on our devices on the go.

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