Apparently, TJ Holmes had learned on the internet how insignificant he was to his estranged wife

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While the internet chatter keeps getting louder GMA love affair between co-hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach, an old Facebook post by Holmes has resurfaced, which only adds more fuel to the dumpster fire. As if TJ’s estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig Holmes, couldn’t be more publicly embarrassed, let the World Wide Web’s top investigators remind us to never say never.

The “Ten Year Challenge,” originally posted by Holmes’ account in 2020, was intended to serve as a deep declaration of love to his wife…In spite of as he was admitted So terrible to her over the years. In the style of the once-popular viral challenge, the post features two images side by side – one of Marliee on her wedding day and the other a more recent photo. I’m sure this far into the story you’re thinking, “Oh, so cute!” But be careful, there’s a fly in the buttermilk! Or something like that, (maybe the original wording still applies, but stick with me here.)

In his own words, TJ Holmes announces that despite his “best efforts,” Marlilee has remained married to him for the past decade. The morning show host goes on to say that up to this point he has given his wife “lots of reasons, excuses and opportunities to fuck her beautiful ass.” It leads to psychological manipulation and victim blaming if you ask me, but I digress. After all, Holmes doesn’t see his wife as a damsel in distress in this situation, but as a heroine!

“But instead,” Holmes continues, “with her built-in black superpower, she displayed incredible grace and patience.” Now we’ve all heard about the Black Superwoman myth, but that’s taking it too far.

“To ask her for another 10 years would be too much to ask. 10 more months? It can even be a stretch. If she gave me another 10 weeks I should consider myself lucky. If she can put up with me for another 10 days, I’d be grateful. But if she would devote even 10 minutes of her time to me today, I would consider myself lucky. This is MARILEE FIEBIG HOLMES, all of you,” the post ends.

As the Facebook post is now making its rounds on other social platforms, a woman has already made the rounds on TikTok old state uploaded as a green screen video on her account while she reads and comments on the text in full. As you can imagine, the comments section is in ruins.

“It sounds like he wanted her to go. Sounds like he doesn’t know how to break up [and] trying to push them out,” wrote one TikTok user.

“That anniversary post was so humiliating for the wife…he basically calls her stupid for staying despite her best efforts…he wanted out all along,” wrote another.

Others are urging Marilee Fiebig to “take him to the cleaners” in hopes that her legal background will give her the knowledge and resources to make it big in the courtroom. I see an Angela Bassett “Waiting to Exhale” moment in the very near future.