Appdome introduces mobile XDR platform

Appdome, a company specializing in cyber defense automation, has released the ThreatScope Mobile eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform for Android and iOS applications.

ThreatScope combines mobile threat and attack telemetry and intelligence, and automated incident response capabilities, according to Appdome. It enables organizations to monitor and respond to mobile threats, analyze attack vectors, and generate security insights.

How ThreatScope works

ThreatScope is integrated with Appdome’s Cyber ​​Defense Automation platform for Android and iOS apps, the company says. As such, ThreatScope enables organizations to respond to any cyberattack through their mobile apps.

In addition, ThreatScope collects thousands of threat signals from mobile app security, hacking, fraud, malware, cheat and bot attacks from 100 million deployed mobile apps, according to Appdome. It shares this information with organizations so they can assess and respond to mobile threats and attacks in real time.

Additionally, ThreatScope works out of the box and requires no coding, servers, or software development kits (SDKs), said Appdome CEO Tom Tovar. This ensures organizations can immediately use the platform to view, assess and respond to mobile cyber attacks and threats.

Appdome expands its leadership team

ThreatScope’s announcement comes after Appdome appointed Jamie Bertasi as Chief Customer Officer and Chris Roeckl as Chief Product Officer in February 2023.

Bertasi supports Appdome’s mission of helping brands protect their mobile apps, revenue and customers, she said. Before joining Appdome, Bertasi was President and COO of Totango, a customer success automation company.

Roeckl works with Appdome’s customers to develop and launch new products, services and enhancements within the company’s products, the company said. He also leads Appdome’s marketing team, mobile development and operations (DevOps) and security solutions group. Rocekl joined Appdome in 2016 and has held several leadership positions during his time with the company.

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Organizations can use Appdome’s products to secure their mobile apps. Appdome offers an affiliate program that allows developers and solution providers to integrate the capabilities of its products into their offerings.