Appdome releases the first Appdome Orb for CircleCI

Appdome, the Mobile App Economy’s only Cyber ​​Defense Automation platform, today released the first Appdome Orb for CircleCI as part of the Appdome Dev2Cyber ​​Agility Partner initiative to accelerate the delivery of secure mobile apps worldwide. The new Appdome Build_2Secure Orb for CircleCI integrates directly with the CircleCI CI/CD platform and allows developers to leverage the appdome configuration as code-easy within CircleCI and all security, anti-fraud, anti-malware -, anti-cheat and other cyber features of Appdome to create protections in Android and iOS apps with CircleCI.

“The increasing complexity of the software ecosystem and the way modern teams build mobile applications requires best-in-class integrations between developer tools. With the new Appdome Build_2Secure Orb for CircleCI, developers don’t have to worry about the tedious coding, configuration and integration and can automate the delivery of secure mobile experiences for their customers,” said Tom Trahan, VP of Business Development at CircleCI.

Appdome’s cyber defense automation platform streamlines deployment and accelerates release times by using technology to build cyber security defenses into iOS and Android apps, including Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), code obfuscation, mobile data encryption, jailbreak detection, root detection, man-defense against in-the-middle attacks, on-device anti-malware, anti-fraud, anti-cheat, anti-bot and other protections. Manual methods of cyber defense implementation in Android and iOS apps are complex, slow and brittle. Mobile brands need technology platforms to automate the deployment of cyber defense in mobile apps and keep up with modern DevOps pipelines.

“Mobile development is fast, agile and continuous,” said Tom Tovar, co-creator and CEO of Appdome, “mobile brands need a cyber defense solution that integrates with and leverages mobile development best practices and tools, to provide the best cyber defense in Android and apps, build-by-build and release-by-release.”

Today, global consumers are demanding more protection than ever in their mobile app experiences. According to Appdome’s recent Global Consumer Expectations of Mobile App Security survey, 94% of consumers worldwide said they would promote a brand if mobile apps protected them from security, fraud and malware risks , and 68% said they would abandon brands that don’t offer protection.

“Mobile Dev must build security the way they build Android and iOS apps,” said Karen Hsu, SVP, Mobile DevOps and Security Solutions. “Mobile consumers are demanding more protection in their mobile app experiences and we are fulfilling that mission with the new Build_2Secure Orb for CircleCI.”