Appdome’s Build-to-Test streamlines mobile app cybersecurity testing

Appdome has released Build-to-Test, which allows mobile developers to streamline testing of cybersecurity features in mobile apps.

The new capability enables Appdome-protected mobile apps to detect when automated mobile app test suites are used and completed safely without disruption by a vendor, and log all security events for the developer to track and monitor.

In CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) pipelines, quality assurance of mobile apps is performed via automated testing services, so that the functionality of the mobile app can be validated on hundreds of real mobile devices and operating system versions.

However, automated testing services may also leverage methods and tools that violate cybersecurity guidelines or that cybersecurity professionals find problematic and dangerous, such as emulators, virtualization, resignation, debugging, dual spaces, Magisk, and more.

Once protections are added to a mobile app, security features detect those methods and tools, and the resulting cyber defenses can prevent testers from using portions of those testing services.

The new Build-to-Test option on Appdome expands Appdome’s support for automated mobile app testing services, allowing Appdome-protected mobile applications to recognize the test provider and safely complete test runs without interruption.

“We’ve always supported automated testing,” said Chris Roeckl, CPO at Appdome. “Build-to-Test solves one of the last operational challenges in testing mobile applications at scale and provides end-to-end security in the mobile DevSecOps pipeline.”

Mobile apps protected by Appdome have always been testable on devices provided by automated mobile application test providers.

Benefits of the new build-to-test feature include:

Fully automated testing for Appdome-protected mobile apps; Fully automated mobile app testing services to validate cyber defenses in appdome protected mobile apps; Reduced complexity when testing protected mobile apps in automated environments; Eliminate the need to test protected and unprotected builds separately; and protect test builds with Appdome safeguards to ensure improved DevSecOps compliance.

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“Mobile developers want to test full Android and iOS builds that include cyber and fraud protections,” said Jamie Bertasi, chief customer officer at Appdome.

“Our goal is to remove any friction that stands in the way of protecting the mobile app economy,” concluded Bertasi.