Apple is working on a brand new iPhone text app and you might find it creepy

APPLE tries to turn your voice into your very own Siri.

The tech giant has quietly filed a patent application for a new feature that would allow iPhones to read iMessages aloud in the owner’s voice.

The feature draws on recent advances in artificial intelligenceCredit: THE SUN

Apple would be the first tech company to do so as long as the patent is approved.

While Apple fans can already ask Siri to read iMessages aloud for them, use the “Read my latest message from…” command.

This is a brand new ball park.

“In response to receiving a message from a contact named ‘John’, a user may want to hear the message in John’s voice, which improves the user experience while increasing device efficiency by eliminating the need for the user to read the received message,” wrote Apple in the patent.

According to Patently Apple, iPhone owners would have to agree to share a voice file containing all the data the device needs to mimic their voice.

The tech company added: “A speech model is obtained based on the variety of speech inputs.

“User input is received from the first user, the user input corresponding to a request to provide access to the language model. The language model is provided to a second electronic device.

In some examples, a message is received from a respective user of a second electronic device. In response to receiving the message, a voice model of the respective user is received.

“Based on the language model, an audio output corresponding to the received message is provided.”

When users send an iMessage, their phone offers an option to attach a voice file under the proposed feature.

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The recipient would then be asked if they would like to receive the voice file as well as the message, which can be read out in a simulation of their voice.

The feature draws on recent advances in artificial intelligence.

A new chatbot, similar to the hugely popular ChatGPT, is able to convert text into celebrity voices.

However, NoiseGPT’s new technology has raised concerns about so-called “deepfakes”.

Deepfakes make visual and sonic inventions look and sound real.

It’s hard to navigate the internet these days without seeing them.

Some are meant to be funny and feature formal characters like politicians quoting lyrics from the Spice Girls.

But others can be created for malicious purposes since they are so difficult to detect.

This is especially the case when the subject isn’t doing something completely out of character.

Apple is expected to address some of these concerns as it works to bring this feature to life.

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