Apple Reality Pro will also run apps for the iPad

Are you an iPad user? It seems that the device will be fully compatible with Apple Reality Pro. Apple Reality Pro

There’s a strong rumor that Apple Reality Pro will be unveiled at WWDC 23, although there’s no specific information on its launch just yet. But despite the fact that the information about their arrival on the shelves is not very accurate, new information is emerging about how these glasses would work and what applications they can run.

Although it is assumed that the devices will be fully compatible with iPhone, information is circulating that Apple Reality Pro will also run applications for iPad, which will allow users to have a better experience.

Apple Reality Pro and iPad: the compatible applications

It was Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who released new information about Apple’s possible flagship product: Apple Reality Pro. The skills of these new glasses are the AR version of Apple’s most famous applications on the iPhone: Mail, Safari and Messages, without counting the new options that can be downloaded.

Then what about the iPad? We have a preview given by Gurman himself in his column, where he mentions:

A big part of the effort is adapting iPad apps for the new headsets, which combine virtual and augmented reality. Users can access millions of existing third-party applications through the new 3D interface. Many iPad apps from the App Store will be able to run on the headphones either automatically or with slight modifications.

Apple Reality Pro also works great with the iPad

After this preview, the source gives what might be the full list of applications that might be compatible with the iPad:

Books Calendar Contacts FaceTime Files Fitness+ Home E-mail Maps Messages Grades Photos Calendar TV Climate

Bloomberg also mentions that the Cupertinos are planning AR versions for their office software and other apps like iMovie or GarageBand.

Immersive video will also be extended to the TV app, where the company plans to allow users to view video in various virtual environments, such as a desert or the sky,” explains Gurman. The AR version of FaceTime will reportedly have similar features to FaceTime on iPad, while Fitness+ will include VR trainers.

In addition, the latest reports suggest that the price of the glasses could be between 3,000 euros next to its presentation at WWDC, so it will be a premium device and maybe not aimed at ordinary users. But Gurman did mention that Apple is taking the next step:

The iPhone and iPad have received strong support from third-party developers. Apple’s first headset is believed to be an accessory priced at over $3000, as the first version appears to be aimed at software developers. Apple is already working on a successor to the first headset and two cheaper versions that should appeal to normal users.

Keep in mind that Apple has announced the date of WWDC23, which will take place from June 5th to 9th, so there is less to confirm these rumors.