Apple Watch Ultra & AirPods Pro 2 reviews, iPhone 14 Pro in-depth

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This week, the AppleInsider Podcast saw the first Apple Watch Ultra reviews and we’re breaking down all the details, plus your hosts review the iPhone 14 Pro and dive deep into its camera features.

Reviewers across tech, diving, and sports have tried the Apple Watch Ultra – and most agree it’s one of the best Apple Watches to date. Its many assets, including amazing battery life, will have implications for the future of the entire Apple Watch lineup.

Then the AirPods Pro 2 are on the way, too, and the reviews have been positive too. The enhanced audio and ANC modes are both exciting features, even for owners of the original AirPods Pro.

This week is all about new hardware at the AppleInsider podcast. Alongside everything else, there’s the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and our in-depth review examines what exactly makes its new cameras better. There are also some downsides, like continued use of the Lightning connector even after ten years, and an overall dated design.

As for the software, while the Apple Podcasts app has received criticism, it really isn’t that bad once you figure out how to navigate it. Your hosts discuss Apple’s app and how it differs from third-party apps they’ve tried.

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