Apple WWDC 2023 starts June 5: things we’re looking forward to

WWDC 2023 could turn into one of the very few conferences where Apple will showcase its new line of hardware, including a mixed reality headset.

Apple will follow its tradition of hosting another global developer conference, popularly known as WWDC, this year. The company just announced that WWDC 2023 will start on June 5th, which is just a few days away. Apple has already sent out invitations to developers and the media for the company’s annual conference, which will be held at Apple Park in California.

This year’s event will be one of Apple’s biggest, if not its biggest. Apple’s first headset may appear this year, marking the iPhone maker’s entry into a new product category. Several leaks and rumors indicate that Apple’s first mixed reality headset will be radically different from the existing ones, which is why it will also be quite expensive.



Apple will also fall back on its bread and butter: the new versions of operating systems such as iOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10 and tvOS 17. In addition, this year’s WWDC could develop into one of the very few conferences where Apple presents its new hardware -row ahead. There are rumors that a number of Mac devices could be making their debut at WWDC, making the event extremely interesting.

If you’re looking forward to watching the WWDC 2023 event, these details might help you.

When, where and how to watch the WWDC 2023 keynote?

Apple is hosting the WWDC keynote on June 5 at 10:00 am PT, which is June 5 at 10:30 pm IST. The event is open to attendees in person and will be available via live stream on Apple’s website and YouTube. You can watch the event using the Apple TV app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, or simply use the Apple TV streaming box to catch the event.

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Now that we’ve got those details sorted out, let’s talk about the announcements we’re excited about.

Apple’s first mixed reality headset

After many years of development, Apple’s first mixed reality headset is about to debut. Several leaks and rumors have painted a picture of what it will be like. One of the most exciting products in years, the Apple headset will combine both virtual reality and augmented reality to deliver so-called augmented reality experiences.

Based on an entirely new operating system that could be called either rOS or xrOS, the headset will reportedly be known as “Reality Pro”. It will reportedly look like ski goggles and feature a physical watch face that will let you jump in and out of virtual reality at any time. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously said the headset would feature a series of external sensors that could track hand movements to perform specific actions.

Much like advanced headsets like the Oculus Quest Pro, the Apple Reality Pro works as a standalone headset. That means the iPhone isn’t required to deliver experiences to you. It is likely, however, that apps will be supported that make it easy to manage the headset through the iPhone. Apple may also include the App Store to make it easier for users to download apps onto the headset with their iPhone.

Apple is reportedly developing VR versions of its native apps, including Safari, FaceTime, Apple TV, Apple Books, and Apple Music. It’s likely that the platform will also open up for developers to offer their apps on Apple’s headset. That means you can watch apps like Netflix, Disney+ and Max, as well as games on the headset.

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The Apple Reality Pro might use an external battery that connects via a proprietary cable (I’m guessing it’s not USB-C). Expected to cost a whopping $3,000 in the US, the Apple Reality Pro could be one of the many immersive reality products the company has planned. This includes a cheaper version that may not be part of this year’s WWDC.

The first 15-inch MacBook Air

For the first time, Apple may introduce a 15-inch MacBook Air. The upcoming model is said to be the largest MacBook Air version and will use a 15-inch display instead of the standard 13-inch display that we’ve traditionally seen on Air models. According to Bloomberg, the 15-inch MacBook Air would feature an Apple M2 chip and offer a 3024 x 1964 screen resolution, which is also present on the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

While there isn’t much information about the 15-inch MacBook Air, the report suggests that Apple may announce an updated 13-inch MacBook Air alongside an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 24-inch iMac . There have been numerous reports that one of them could use an M3 chip, but the likelihood is pretty slim. Bloomberg’s Gurman previously said that Apple is more likely to reveal M3-powered Mac models later this year, so anything arriving at WWDC will likely use the M2 chip, or its various versions.

The ability to sideload apps

While Apple is set to announce the new operating systems at WWDC, it is likely to make a major announcement solely as a result of orders from the European Union. Apple could open up its closed ecosystem and allow users to sideload apps onto the iPhone or iPad. Under the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple has until March next year to allow users to download from third-party app stores and install apps downloaded from outside the app store within EU jurisdiction.

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If true, this would be the first time Apple has allowed downloading from third-party app stores and sideloading of apps on iPhone and iPad ecosystems. Apple has so far resisted this for security reasons, saying it’s necessary not to make iOS and iPadOS like Android. However, it is currently unclear whether this option will also be available to users residing outside the European Union.