Apple’s 2021 iPad falls to an all-time low of $250… and other small business tech news for this week

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1 – Apple’s 2021 iPad falls to an all-time low of $250

With a price you’d only see on Black Friday, the 2021 iPad is available for just $250, which is a pretty good deal considering Apple’s coveted inventory. This 10.2 inch iPad comes with the standard software and app availability. Equipped with enough storage for most tasks – the 2021 version doesn’t have certain features like the Magic Keyboard – but it’s worth the compromise. (Source: Engadget)

Why this is important to your business:

Seems like a good time to get an iPad, even if it’s two years old.

2 – Thryv expands small business platform with Tap-to-Pay, TeamChat, eSignatures and other new features

Small business platform Thryv has announced a major upgrade that will give its 40,000+ users plenty of ways to organize business. (Source: Businesswire)

Why this is important to your business:

According to the company, business owners can make mobile payments through ThryvPay’s Mobile Pay Card Reader, which supports both Apple iOS and Google Android and has low processing fees. There is also a chat feature that allows for interactive communication between individuals or groups and where team members can message and locate other members with advanced messaging and tagging capabilities. “Aligned for payments, communication and collaboration, our new products ensure small business owners continue to meet their customers where they are,” Ryan Cantor, the company’s chief product officer, said in a statement.

3 – Google introduces two new tools for asset creation and customer acquisition

Google has increased marketing and retention levels with the recent announcement of “auto-created assets” – a feature that creates new elements within a given ad based on the advertiser’s existing assets. (Source: Search Engine Land)

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Why this is important to your business:

Author Nicole Farley says that “this helps businesses refine ads by using the most effective components to target their audience.” Customer Acquisition – the second tool Google promotes – uses campaign optimization to give businesses the ability to ” Smart Bidding” and “First-Party Data” to find new customers. Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) allows them to target “high value” customers.

4 – Microsoft admits it has flagged PCs as unsuitable for Windows 11 upgrades

Windows users who have bought laptops in recent years may have been at a loss when it comes to a system upgrade. (Source: PCWorld)

Why this is important to your business:

Tom Cider listed Windows 10 22H2, 21H2 and 20H2 as affected versions – also detailed by Tom’s Hardware. The company provided guidance to users in the Microsoft Known Issues Notification. This isn’t the only system bug Microsoft has been experiencing lately. There have been reports of watermarks appearing on hardware that couldn’t support the upgrade. Bottom line: Conduct your upgrades carefully and work with a Microsoft partner or buy Microsoft support when planning an upgrade project.

5 – Lenovo’s ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops are getting a welcome facelift

Lenovo customers will experience a performance boost with a 14-inch display, PC World’s Ashley Biancuzzo reported. The ThinkPad E14 now has a faster processor and up to 40GB of DDR4 RAM, as well as a significant increase in storage capacity (2TB). The first-gen ThinkPad E16 is roughly on par with the E14 in performance, save for the maximum brightness setting. Both will be launched in May. Also coming in May is Levono’s latest Chromebook – IdeaPad Slim 3. Ashley noted its impressive sound system, battery life and display quality. (Source: PCWorld)

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Why this is important to your business:

I’m currently writing this article on a Lenovo laptop that I’ve used daily for about five years and it’s reliable. I’m due for an upgrade though, so maybe I’ll do that in May.

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