Apple’s plans for the classical music app remain unclear past the launch date

Apple’s acquisition of classical music service Primephonic in August 2021 raised hopes for the release of a dedicated classical music app. However, the year ended without the app launching, and it’s unclear if it will be released in 2023.

rumors and possibilities

A 2021 Apple Newsroom press release said the app would combine Primephonic’s classic user interface with additional features. Since then, Apple has not commented on the plans.

References to the Apple Classical app were discovered in a beta version of the Apple Music app for Android and the iOS 15.5 beta. Further clues were found in an XML file on Apple’s servers.

A report from MacRumors tells us that it’s likely Apple is taking its time to incorporate Primephonic’s best features, such as improved browsing and search capabilities and in-depth viewing of classical music metadata.

Meanwhile, the same report mentions that it’s also likely that the company is still developing a viable payout model, as Primephonic uses a pay-per-second listed model instead of Apple Music’s pay-per-play model.

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The pay-per-second listed model used by Primephonic is a unique approach to rewarding artists and other rights holders. With this model, the artist gets paid a certain amount for every second their music is heard, rather than being paid a flat rate for each song played.

It’s possible that Apple will consider implementing a similar model for the Apple Classical app, or explore other options for artist compensation.

In addition to the pay-per-second listed model, Primephonic also offered a number of other features that could be of interest to Apple. These include an interface designed specifically for classical music lovers and advanced search and browsing capabilities that allow users to find specific pieces of music by composer or repertoire.

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Apple could work to integrate these features into the Apple Classical app or develop their own unique features to offer classical music fans.

is it coming

Primephonic was discontinued in September 2021 and offers its subscribers free access to Apple Music for six months. When eventually released, the Apple Classical app will replace Primephonic and provide a destination for streaming classical music from composers like Beethoven and Mozart.

It is currently uncertain if the app will be released in 2023 or if the plans have been put on hold. Several reports have pointed to a standalone Apple classical music app. The alleged arrival of the new classic application was also spotted in leaked Apple backend code.

Meanwhile, back in February, Apple Music’s Android beta code hinted at a new classical music app for the iPhone maker’s streaming service. The update also includes an overhauled widget design.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Apple Classical app, classical music fans still have a variety of ways to stream this genre of music.

Services like Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer offer extensive classical music libraries, and many classic radio stations also offer online streaming options.

While the introduction of a dedicated classical music app from Apple would be a welcome addition to the market, classical music enthusiasts have no shortage of options to enjoy the genre.

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