AR Metaverse OVER Partners With Decentraland for the Metaverse Music Festival

Regard, Nicola Fasano, Jamis, Danilo Rossini and beatboxer Azel will headline the free virtual music festival

[Italy] OVER, the decentralized infrastructure for an open, AR (Augmented Reality)-enabled Metaverse, is partnering with Decentraland to host the second edition of the interactive Metaverse Music Festival, taking place from November 10-13, 2022. The virtual music festival will be the first cross-metaverse collaboration between the two platforms and will feature performances from DJs, producers and artists including Regard and Nicola Fasano.

OVER allows users to create a unique avatar and participate in the live music festival through mixed reality, all through their smartphone as the most accessible entry point into the Metaverse. The music festival consists of unique community genre stages offering immersive Web3 experiences over the course of three days, including an interactive DJ setlist presented on the OVER stage. Users can simply enter the Decentraland metaverse and watch the DJ performance in video format, or use the QR code on the OVER stage to enter the OVER metaverse for a more immersive AR experience.

The event invites music fans to watch live performances from top DJs and producers. Regard, which has seen massive success with viral TikTok hits like “Ride It” and “Secrets,” has nearly 2 billion streams on Spotify. Regard will headline the event alongside artists including I Like To Move It creator Nicola Fasano, Let it Bleed producer Jamis, DJ and producer Danilo Rossini and beatbox pro Azel.

Davide Cuttini, Co-Founder and CEO of OVER, said: “Our partnership with Decentraland represents the future of virtual and physical events, enabling users to experience the best of in-person events with the additional features, information and technology of the Metaverse. We are particularly excited to offer our users the opportunity to see some of their favorite artists live while also having the opportunity to explore a tailored, tailored user experience for social interaction through AR.”

The partnership between Decentraland and OVER aims to breathe new life into the Metaverse and create a new dimension where users can enhance traditional entertainment experiences with photorealistic augmented reality technology. OVER’s AR technology enables users to stream live music and interact with others around the world in real-time via custom, personalized 3D avatars, all for free.

“Only with increased user engagement will the Metaverse reach its full potential. That’s why we believe in creating a unique, personalized experience where people can easily access world-class Metaverse events and creators can celebrate music and culture in an alluring virtual world. We are very excited to be working with OVER to bring this vision to life,” said Sam Hamilton, Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation.

This partnership is the latest in a series of collaborations OVER has participated in to further its mission of making the AR-enabled, open metaverse accessible to all. These partnerships include working with My Neighbor Alice, the multiplayer city-building game, to create a unique and immersive AR treasure hunt experience for everyone. It also follows OVER’s recent partnership with Vai Tourinho and Mercedes Benz to create Caca Au Touro, a city-wide mixed reality bull hunt in Brazil that has seen tremendous success.

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