Are These 3 iPhone Features Worth the Extra Drain on Your Battery?

Your iPhone comes preloaded with many features that you may not be aware of. Some are for fun while others are critical to keeping you and your phone safe.

Your phone can be a lifeline in an emergency. By enabling your iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature, you can call local emergency services and update your selected contacts when needed. Tap or click here for Emergency Settings to check your iPhone now before you need it.

Other features are less important and may even have a detrimental effect on your smartphone experience. Here are three new features introduced with iOS 16 that you can turn off to conserve your phone’s battery life.

1. Do you need these widgets?

In iOS 16, the lock screen has been overhauled. You can now showcase your favorite photos with multiple lock screens, customize font styles, and view widgets.

Widgets show you up-to-date information such as news, weather, calendar events and battery levels at a glance. You can add widgets to your home screen and lock screen for easy access to this information.

As handy as widgets are, they force apps to run in the background. They are constantly fetching data to update your widget information, which consumes data and consumes power.

If you have widgets on your lock screen, you can switch to another lock screen without widgets when you put your phone away.

You can also completely remove widgets from your lock screen:

  • On your lock screen, press down and tap on it To adjust.
  • Choose lock screen and tap a widget.
  • Beat those button on each widget to remove it.

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2. Haptic feedback

With Apple’s latest iOS, you may feel a tap after some actions, e.g. B. when you touch and hold the camera icon on the home screen. This is haptic feedback. You can also set it to activate when you type. You’ll feel a vibration with each tap, which can be helpful if your phone is in silent mode and you can’t hear the clicks with each tap.

Unfortunately, this setting affects the battery life. Give it a try if you want, but turn it off if you want to stay longer between charges:

  • Go to settings > sounds & haptics > keyboard feedback.
  • Switch off feel to turn off haptic feedback for your keyboard.

3. Move it or lose it

With iOS 16, you no longer need an Apple Watch to complete yours Move Gates. The new fitness app, previously only available on Apple’s smartwatch, can help you track your health and fitness goals right from your iPhone.

By default, Fitness tracks your data through the Health app, even if you haven’t set it up. If you don’t use this feature, you can disable it to save some battery life:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Exercise & Fitness and turn off fitness tracking.

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