are you chasing your ex 5 ways it can affect your mental health

If you obsessively follow your ex’s every move on social media or in the real world by constantly checking their stories, posts, comments and asking your mutual friends about it, you are indulging in a toxic behavior called “haunting” that might yet is more damaging to your sanity than the one you are pursuing. Of course, it’s also frustrating for the other person who is trying to move on but is comfortable with being watched by their ex-lover. (Also read: Is Your Ex Circling Your Social Media? 5 Creative Ways to Get Them to Stop)

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It’s understandable that there was a time when your whole world revolved around them and now that it’s all over you can’t break away from them emotionally or stop thinking about them. Keeping looking at that love photo album, reading and re-reading all those love letters and greeting cards, and going through all your past social media posts together just goes to show you need to find ways to move on or your unhealthy attachment could do it Start affecting your mental health. (Also Read: Are You Broken? 5 Ways It Is Ruining Your Dating Life Or Relationships)

“We’ve all been through that – a breakup where we feel lost and hurt and we’re looking for closure. But as technology has evolved, so has our ability to stay connected with our exes long after the relationship has ended. ‘Haunting’ is the act of keeping tabs on your ex through social media, whether that be checking their Instagram stories, liking their posts, or even texting them. While it may seem harmless, hauntings can actually have negative effects on your mental health,” says Arouba Kabir, mental health consultant and founder, Enso Wellness.

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Kabir lists five reasons why hauntings can affect your sanity.

It can keep you stuck in the past

Haunting can keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from moving forward. Seeing pictures of your ex with someone else or doing things you used to do together can trigger feelings of sadness and longing. It’s important to remember that your ex has moved on, and you should too.

It can create fear

Haunting can create fear when you are obsessed with your ex’s every move. You may worry about who they are with, what they are doing, and if they are happy without you. This can lead to insecurity, self-doubt and even depression.

It can cause unnecessary drama

Hauntings can also cause unnecessary drama, especially if you’re still in contact with your ex. Texting them or commenting on their posts can create tension and conflict, making it harder for both of you to move on.

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Hauntings can disrupt your healing process by constantly reminding you of the past. In order to move on and heal from a breakup, it is important to focus on the present and the future. Pursuing your ex can make it harder to do so.

It can lead to obsessive behavior

Haunting can lead to obsessive behavior when you become fixated on your ex and their life. This can be unhealthy and prevent you from focusing on your own life and personal growth.

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“In conclusion, stalking your ex can have a negative impact on your mental health. It’s important to take a step back, focus on your own healing process, and resist the urge to keep tabs on your ex. Remember that the past is over, the past and the future are full of new chances and possibilities. By letting go and moving forward, you can create a happier, healthier life for yourself,” concludes Kabir.

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