Arrest singer Jubin Nautiyal has taken to social media to claim his connection to US ISI agent and Khalistan supporter Jai Singh

Jai Sing, the show’s organizer from the US and a most wanted Punjab criminal in hiding and US authorities, has denied his application for residency and deportation.

Note: Recently on March 27, his application was denied on March 27, 2023 Circuit 11.

Jai Sing, the show’s organizer from the US and Punjab’s most wanted criminal, is in hiding, evading the police and the consequences of his longstanding criminal activities.

After the controversy surrounding Jubin’s nautical US concert show and being banned from Bollywood, he seems to have found ways and connections to other anti-social people like Rehan Siddiqui, a Texas criminal, some on bookmakers like Nirav, who is also his partner in The Luxury company Travels owned by Jai Singh’s wife Kulwinder Kaur Deepak Bhatnagar handles all money transfers.

Reports reveal he has been in hiding for 3 decades. He was listed as a “wanted criminal” by the Chandigarh police for drug smuggling and video piracy and has been arrested in the US on multiple occasions, most recently behind bars in 2019.
He appears to have some connection to the banned Khalistani outfit and is now arranging funds through some Punjabi singers and Pakistani artists.

A news outlet reveals that Jai, a Punjab resident, has emigrated to the United States and settled there. He provided logistical support for Khalistanis from Fermont Gurudwara, California.
There are also reports that Jai Sing is involved in drug trafficking, film piracy, human trafficking, extortion and hawala thugs. He has ties to Pakistan and is involved in activities in Khalistan.

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Jai Sing is doing the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan show and several other people are involved with him in this crime taking money on behalf of the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan show and using it to fund Khalistan
Jai Sing is involved in hawala transactions and donkey deals to bring immigrants to Canada and the US with his wife Kulwinder kaur and his lover/assistant Kuldeep kaur, who is also under supervision and awaiting her green card.

What’s so lazy about Jai Sing is that he doesn’t put his name on papers or show documents to salvage his arrest, but the truth is that he takes all the money and his master plan to attract sponsors and funds for illegal activities to use.

He has hired people to raise money and promote shows on his behalf, only through social media or on the flyer but not in signing contracts, venues and bank. For deliberate reason, he does not testify his name.
He conducts illegal business activities under all sorts of accounts and names like Balwinder Singh, Ashok Sikka, Bal Singh, Balwinder Singh Virk. Jai Entertainment, Teg Entertainment, etc.

Most prominent real estate agents, developers, and financial advisers also provide cash to him for Khalistan sponsorships. He makes all fake passports, ID cards and runs a travel company under his wife’s name Kulwinder kaur.

After being banned from all over Bollywood, he found a way to pursue his illegal activities with artists from Pakistan.