Art students should take these top courses after 12th, they will receive huge salary along with career growth

There are some general negative ideas about art in our society. Firstly, someone who is not fast in their studies only takes art. Second, career opportunities in the arts are dwindling. Many students were disappointed after hearing this from others. Many of these students are the ones who can do many things but are employed in menial jobs and can’t study any more. They think so banana The future is not good. The truth is that the greatest career opportunities and income can only be found in the arts.

The civil service executive has been active on social media and nowadays you must know the collector Tina Davi from Rajasthan. He said in an interview: “When I decided to study art, many relatives and acquaintances said maybe the study is not good. That’s why I took art. But I was interested in art and that’s why I became an IAS topper. Many such success stories are scattered around us, but we don’t see them and we are frustrated.

Today here we are going to discuss about the courses that might have career opportunities for you and if for some reason you are not able to continue your studies then what job opportunities are there?

Career opportunities for art students after the 12th

  • B.A
  • hotel management
  • journalism, mass communication
  • BA-LLB
  • event management
  • teacher training
  • graphic designer
  • fashion designer
  • Professional Arts – Theater, Dance, Music, Comedy
  • government job

1. BA i.e. Bachelor of Arts

You can do two types of BA. The first is the BA program and the second is Hons. Both are three-year courses. It will be good if you can receive honors. Career is good before that. The question is which subjects can be taken. BA can be taken in English, English, Punjabi, French, German or other subjects such as Political Science, Philosophy, Mathematics, Public Administration, Sociology, Library Science, History. As already mentioned, all have a term of three years.

Now talk about regular and open courses. It is a common course and one can be admitted to public or private colleges across the country. If you don’t want to take regular courses, you can take open courses at most universities. I mean correspondence. You can earn a bachelor’s degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University i.e. IGNOU. Almost all states have open universities. These courses can also be completed from there.

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Now the question is, why is it better than opening normally? In a situation like this, it is important for you to know that the value of both degrees is equal. If you feel like you need to work alongside your studies and can’t attend a regular college, open courses might be a good option for you. If you think you have time to go to college, consider taking regular classes.

Regular course is better in my opinion. Because in college there are different types of students. A different atmosphere can be seen and felt here after school. There’s a lot to learn. The students come from all federal states. Poor and rich will meet. Then you will understand society better. However, both courses are good in their places. Here it depends on the student what he wants to do.

2. Hotel management

The most important thing is that if you take the Corona period as an exception, there has been no recession or recession. While most sectors lose their jobs in a recession, hotel management jobs are not at risk. If you take a Hotel Management course from the Institute of Hotel Management i.e. IHM, you will get an excellent job.

There are also many courses in hotel management. Also, realize that this course is only about learning how to cook. I say that because that’s how most students see this course. There are many areas in hotel management. Grocery, Travel Management, Foreign Languages, Housekeeping, Marketing, etc. You can take this course at private and government colleges.

3. Journalism and mass communication

Demand for this course is increasing as the media continues to expand. There is print and TV media, now online and social media opportunities are steadily increasing. It has many types of courses. These include degree courses and diploma courses. The bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication i.e. BA-JMC takes three years to complete. The diploma course can last a year and the certificate six months.

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The fields of journalism and mass communication are large. There are courses in editing, reporting, anchoring, radio journalism, social media management, corporate communications, events, advertising, etc. Knowing this in detail will reveal many possibilities. You can take this course at public and private colleges or universities.

Every state university offers its own courses. But it will be better to do this course in a good college. Again, the question will be open or by correspondence? So the answer would be yes. But it will be better if you go to college and study. Because here you don’t just read, you have to learn. Means of learning reporting, learning anchoring.


The BA-LLB course lasts five years. After this course you will become a lawyer. Apart from that, you can build a good career in the company. The door to the judicial service also opens from here. Now companies also need lawyers. After doing LLB, you can do LLM in the subject of your choice to carve out a niche in your field since now is the age of specialization.

Companies are now hiring large numbers of people who are legal professionals. The only way to improve your career is to become a lawyer. Such as consulting attorneys, real estate attorneys, bank attorneys, family attorneys, criminal attorneys, income tax attorneys, etc. When it comes to courses, the National Law University is the best, although BA-LLB courses are available in every state and most private universities as well will.

5. Event Management

With a course in event management, you can have a career in planning, marketing, advertising, etc. But it requires a lot of effort as it is a public relations related job. You can have event management as an honors degree in BA. You can do an MBA there in the future.

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6. Graphic Designer

When we talk about graphic designers, there are also courses and diploma courses. Bachelor courses are three years and three to four years and diploma courses one to two years. The name of this course suggests that it is about design. This includes animations. To put it simply, this includes designing a product logo and all types of graphic design. Now movies also require a large number of animators. In this area, there are mainly private universities.

7. Fashion Designer

Can do fashion design course. It turns out to be the best career option right now. There you can complete study and diploma courses. Its largest organization is IIFT. Admission is via an entrance exam.

8. Professional Art

Now when we talk about professional art, every student or individual has their own hobby. You can make a career out of it. This includes dancing, singing, singing. Many private and public institutes in our country are available for his courses.

9. Government Jobs

Finally, let’s talk about government jobs. After the 12th there are group C and D options for you in government jobs. SSC, ie Staff Selection Commission, recruits those youth who have made 10+2 in central government departments. This exam is called SSC CHSL. You can also become a typist, stenographer in the state government and PSU.

You can join BPO in the private sector. But here English skills strengthen. If you don’t speak English, you may have trouble with BPO. Good English has immense potential in sales and marketing. No need to despair. Don’t take anyone’s advice. you listen to your heart Believe in you. Seize opportunities with open eyes.

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