Artificial intelligence could be the hottest topic in early 2023


By Christopher Gannatti, CFA; Blake Heimann

Technology trends are not linear – they are exponential.

Exponential growth makes the path of adoption difficult to predict. A big topic like artificial intelligence – and predicting exactly how “big” the opportunity is – is a daunting task.

August, September and October 2022 were tough months. November 2022 showed a clear change, namely in semiconductors (semiconductors); Semi-finals within the WTAI showed varying performances. December 2022 was another challenging month in terms of performance, but then January 2023 started with a bang. All four of our different sub-sectors were in positive territory. That hadn’t happened in a while. February 2023 was clearly more difficult — particularly towards the end of the month — but we can see that both AI software and semiconductors were still positive.

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Integration of generative AI and chat bots

Instacart, a widely recognized name in the delivery space, is preparing to go public. Instacart is interested in tapping into the frenzy of interest currently surrounding ChatGPT.

Microsoft brings ChatGPT-powered Bing to mobile devices2 Facebook parent, Snap Embrace AI technology powering ChatGPT chatbot3

Jump on the moving train

Complete AI value chain

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