Artificial intelligence “will make us work a four-day week,” claims the jobs expert

Artificial intelligence will enable us to work a four-day week, claims a jobs expert.

Sir Christopher Pissarides said technologies like ChatGPT could increase productivity and save people from boring jobs.

The Nobel laureate in economics emphasized: “We could easily switch to a four-day week.”

Pissarides, who led a study into the impact of automation on jobs, suggested the impact of AI could be positive – although some fear it could trigger widespread layoffs.

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A recent Goldman Sachs report estimates that 300 million jobs worldwide could be at risk. And Sam Altman, head of ChatGPT developer OpenAI, admitted he’s “a little scared” the technology could replace Jobs too quickly.

Despite the potential that AI has to liberate us, Goldman Sachs reported that 300 million jobs could be at stake (Stock) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

He said: “I think mankind has shown over a couple of generations that they can adapt beautifully to major technological changes. But if that happens in a single digit number of years… that’s the part I worry about the most.”‘

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