Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the avocado harvest: Luis Doporto Alejandre

This development project will implement AI techniques such as machine learning to predict the optimal ripeness of avocados.”

— Luis Doporto Alejandre

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, U.S., Dec. 28, 2022 / — According to Luis Doporto Alejandre, a specialist in the avocado industry, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are taking place to use it as a detection tool when an avocado has reached its optimal ripeness, all to create a more sustainable agriculture.

Known as Evocato 360°, the tool was born out of a need to counteract the negative environmental impact caused by extensive avocado production. The aim is to ensure that the fruit is harvested at the optimum level of ripeness.

“This project in development will implement AI techniques such as machine learning to predict the optimal ripeness of avocados,” explained Doporto Alejandre.

“Heath conditions, phenological, and pest and disease patterns are among the key data sources to build the algorithm,” added Doporto.

The Mexican businessman stated that AI is currently being perfected to increase its success in experiments. Improvement will be driven by better predictive models and the quality of data used, and sensor technology will trigger the deployment of a mobile app.

Current techniques for determining fruit ripeness are expensive. The advantages of using AI include improving product quality for the end consumer, increasing the competitiveness of companies and reducing the environmental impact caused by this activity.

The development of this digital tool is the second phase of an interdisciplinary project called Evocato. This project is coordinated by the Spanish cluster OnTech Innovation, which is funded by the Spanish government and started the first phase through the avocado streaming initiative.

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Luis Doporto Alejandre believes that this technology will be easy to use, intuitive and non-invasive. In addition, the inclusion of artificial intelligence saves time and resources in determining the dry matter of the avocado. He also believes that digitizing the irrigation process will be critical to optimizing water resources and preventing and mitigating droughts.

The expert concluded: “This is a step closer to sustainable agriculture, which is a crucial goal to meet the needs of present and future generations and to ensure profitability, social and economic justice and protection of the environment.

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