Artist turns outdoor gym in Goa into ‘Incarnation Park’, Internet praises amazing concept

Watch: Artist turns outdoor gym in Goa into 'Incarnation Park', internet praises amazing concept

Several netizens called the unique art installation a “stunning concept”.

Amid the ongoing Serendipity Art Festival, Goa has transformed into a place of experimentation, where artists and curators play with forms and ideas. One artist even turned an outdoor gym into an “Incarnation Park,” and a video of it is now gaining traction on social media, leaving netizens stunned.

Identified as Diptej Vernekar, the artist used art and an outdoor gym to focus on local artisans and the local technology behind their art. In the video, people can be seen using outdoor fitness equipment on which mythological figures, including Ravana, are placed.

Watch the video below:

“This installation translates the process of moving these artifacts by making them available to the general public as an outdoor gym of incarnations,” reads the post’s caption.

Mr. Vernekar shared the video on Friday morning, and since then the post has received thousands of views, likes and comments. While some users called the unique art installation “superb” and “excellent,” others called it an “amazing concept.”

“Very innovative work,” wrote one user. “This is creative,” said another. A third user commented, “This is an amazing concept!” A fourth added, “Wowowow these are so amazing.”

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According to the arts festival’s official website, Mr. Vernekar said that most of the elements that went into the construction of the “Incarnation Park” were borrowed from various places that produce such mythological artifacts during the various festivals.

“Through this intervention, I hope to illustrate the idea of ​​an outdoor gym as a cultivator of an urban ethos and as a mechanism that opens access to diverse living craft traditions and the local technologies behind them. This project also seeks to explore the fun and quirky element of these local artifacts in real time, turning the outdoor gym into an interactive experience and providing commentary on the design of public parks,” said Mr. Vernekar.

Meanwhile, Serendipity Arts Festival is currently being held in Goa from 15th to 23rd December. The festival is one of the largest multidisciplinary arts initiatives in South Asia. This year, a focus of the festival is technology and how it has changed the way we perceive and even perform art.

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