As Dairy Queen retires cherry-dipped cones, the internet is in shambles

Modified on May 26, 2023 at 20:08 GMT

Dairy Queen fans were greeted with shocking news this week as the chain announced the discontinuation of the popular cherry-dipped cones. News of the hiring was first shared via a viral TikTok video by an employee named Miranda (@dqshelbytwpmi) who works at a DQ location in Shelby Township, Missouri.

The TikTok video, which has over four million views so far, shared the sad news of the discontinuation of the popular cherry-dipped cones. The chain later confirmed the news of the hiring, leaving fans disappointed. The cherry dipped cones was one of the most popular flavors of DQ dipped cones and was loved by people of all ages.

User @dqshelbytwpmi’s TikTok video, who first shared the news about the discontinuation of cherry-dipped cones (Image via @dqshelbytwpmi on TikTok/ Dairy Queen)

Saddened that their favorite strain was discontinued, fans flooded social media with comments and tweets expressing their disappointment and frustration. A user shared a similar response, tweeting that his year is now ruined.


Dairy Queen says the cherry-dipped cones could return at some point in the future

The cherry-dipped cones were one of the most requested flavors and were sold on the chain’s menu for over five years. As of now, locations across the country may be serving the last batches of the cherry-dipped cones to customers, but once they’re gone, the popular flavor will be gone for the time being. The chain said they “might return at some point in the near future,” but there was no confirmation of that.

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For the untrained, the cherry-dipped waffles are made with waffles made with the chain’s classic soft serve ice cream. Topped with a delicious cherry red candy, the popular cones have been on the chain’s menu for more than five years. While it was only served for a limited time in some establishments, it was never removed from the menu in others.

However, with the announcement of their discontinuation, the era of cherry-dipped cones seems to be finally coming to an end.

Dairy Queen said cherry-dipped cones could be back on the menu soon (Image via Dairy Queen)

As expected, fans didn’t take the news of the hiring lightly. While some were deeply saddened by this decision, others seemed at a loss for words.

@DairyQueen I see no reason to discontinue the cherry dipped waffles. Not happy

The milk queen discontinues the cherry-dipped waffles. i hope i die

Dairy Queen no longer has the cherry dipped waffles. ☹️

While it may be just another flavor on the chain’s menu, the cherry-dipped cones may have been a haven for some and a way for others to share special moments with loved ones.

Dairy Queen cones dipped in cherries are my comfort food

The most important decision of the day is where to meet your best friend: Dairy Queen for a cherry-dipped waffle or the Anderson Rexall Drug soda fountain for a Green River.…

It’s Saturday morning in summer and you’re 10 years old. You get out of bed, pour yourself a big bowl of cereal, and watch vh1 music videos with your siblings until it’s time to ride your bike. You have no idea how much an apartment costs. There’s Rocket Pops in the freezer and life is good

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@DairyQueen, you ruined the glue that holds the fabric of cold creamy happiness together by discontinuing the best ice cream candy out there, #cherrydippedcone. We might as well stop the blizzard and take every spark of joy.
customers everywhere

Lucky fans across the country may still be able to snag a cherry-covered cone from one of the last batches that may be available at select locations. However, once they are used up, the cherry-dipped cones are gone forever. There’s no denying that the era of cherry-dipped cones is finally over.

Still, fans might still be able to brighten their day a little by trying other popular flavors.

Founded on June 22, 1940, Dairy Queen is an American international chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants. The ice cream and fast food chain is owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, and is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota.