Astro Boy Boots: Oversized, cartoonish shoes that encourage social…

(MENAFN) If you’ve been scrolling through your social media feeds lately, you might have noticed a trend of cartoon-style oversized boots getting trampled on by adults. Known as the Astro Boy boots, these boots have made waves on the internet for their unique design and popularity with celebrities.

Designed by Brooklyn-based artist collective MSCHF, the Astro Boy boots have been described as not shaped like feet but extremely boot-like. The $350 wellies were designed to look like the boots favored by Japanese manga character Astro Boy. The boots were nicknamed the “Big Red Boots” due to their bright red color and cartoonish appearance.

MSCHF, known for their subversive take on art and fashion, has explained that the boots’ comicality is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality. The boots weigh 1.6 kg each and are designed to give the wearer the feeling of walking on clouds. The online blurb for the boots states, “If you kick someone in these boots, they go off!”

The boots went on sale on February 16 and sold out in minutes. They quickly popped up on eBay for more than $1,000, and the boots’ owners shared their purchases on social media. Celebs including US rapper Lil Wayne, Diplo and singer Coi Leray have been spotted wearing the boots. Stylists have also filled their feeds with pictures of themselves wearing the boots.

According to MSCHF co-founder Daniel Greenberg, the Big Red Boot is an implementation of a certain type of cartoonish abstraction of a shoe. He explained that representation in the animated world works with reduced information to immediately imply an object rather than literal representation. The Big Red Boot works on a similar principle, which is an absurd, simplified shape that conveys the idea of ​​a “boot” without worrying too much about the details of realism.

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In summary, the Astro Boy boots designed by MSCHF are making waves on social media for their unique cartoon design, with celebrities and stylists quickly jumping on the bandwagon. Although the boots are sold out at the moment, they continue to attract the attention of people around the world who are eager to get their hands on a pair of these oversized boots.


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