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AT&T’s fiber optic Internet availability is expanded in Sulfur

Published 11:54 am Wednesday 8 March 2023

AT&T is a recipient of the GUMBO grant and is currently installing fiber optic cable at Sulfur. (Rita LeBleu / American Press)

More Sulfur homes now have access to AT&T fiber. Some of these households may be eligible for cheaper internet.

AT&T spokesman Mark Giga on Monday piggybacked news of two Sulfur AT&T band averages — one announcing the launch of the newly available fiber internet to connect 300 homes and businesses, and the second the launch of a new cellular site to improve mobile Internets and Wireless Communications in Sulfur – with a recent report that Louisiana families who may be eligible have not taken advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program.

It is estimated that nearly 874,000 Louisiana households are eligible for ACP. But as of February 27, only 393,000 households have signed up.

ACP reduces internet service costs by up to $30 per month. AT&T offers free Internet service with the ACP benefit by “Accessing AT&T.”

State Representative Les Farnum, Sulfur Mayor Mike Danahay and City Councilman Mandy Thomas expressed their appreciation for AT&T for its investment and expansion in the community at Monday’s ceremonies.

The first tape cut took place near the corner of Magnolia Street and Eveland Street in Sulfur where the fiber optic installation, mostly underground, was recently completed.

Levar Greenhouse, area manager external affairs at AT&T, said the new 5 gig speed is a significant improvement over the 25 meg upload and 3 meg download speeds.

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The second ribbon cutting ceremony was held at 3908 Post Oak Road in Sulfur to celebrate a new cellular site to improve mobile internet and wireless communications in Sulfur.

David J. Aubrey, AT&T’s regional vice president of external and legislative affairs, said that after Hurricane Laura, the Sulfur retail store was one of the first to open within days of the hurricane and with a line longer than this street, opened , he said, pointing to the Magnolia Street block.

City officials confirmed that AT&T weathered the storm and set up much-needed hotspots for schools and government agencies.

So much “wireless” was being sold to new customers that an expansion of the network was required, Aubrey said.

Sowela Technical Community College Chancellor Neil Aspinwall said Sowela’s new fiber optic technician course is helping to train the workforce necessary for future expansion.

According to Greenhouse, AT&T’s commitment goes beyond partnering with ACP and expanding the availability of Internet, wireless and cellular service. His digital literacy initiatives have included helping seniors gain digital literacy and supporting young people through STEM training.

To determine eligibility for the Cost Savings Internet Utility, apply at or call 877-384-2575. (AT&T does not determine eligibility.) Once eligibility is confirmed, visit or call 866-986-0963 for more information about ACP and how to sign up for service with AT&T.