Attorney announces date of expiration of detention

Modified on 19 February 2023 01:35 GMT

Andrew Tate is currently in Romanian prison serving a 30-day extension after being arrested alongside his brother Tristan on human trafficking and rape charges. The self-proclaimed misogynist recently hired celebrity lawyer Tina Glandian, who has previously worked with Mike Tyson and musicians Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.

Glandian recently announced the expiration date of her client’s current detention. While Tate’s sentence ends on February 27, Glandian expects the Romanian authorities to submit another application for an extension. The renowned lawyer said in a recent interview with LBC:

“We will find out in the next few days that the existing detention order expires on February 27th. And if prosecutors intend to extend that for another 30 days, they’ll have to make that request soon. And then we we will listen to it. Of course we hope that at that point they will be released and it won’t be extended, but am I optimistic about that? No.

Check out Glandian’s comments below:

Two Romanian women, including a former police officer, were arrested along with Andrew Tate and his brother. Tate’s assets, including his fleet of luxury cars, were also confiscated by authorities.

According to Tate’s lawyer, the $4 million in assets seized by officers gives them enough incentive to frame the controversial kickboxer and keep him in jail.

Authorities may have already requested an extension of Andrew Tate’s detention

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been accused of forcing victims into pornographic acts after seducing them with promises of marriage. A victim claims to have been forced under threat of physical violence to earn at least 10,000 euros a month on social media platforms.

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The judge explained the initial 30-day extension of Tate’s detention, claiming the brothers had a knack for identifying vulnerable victims and exerting complete psychological control over them.

According to the latest reports from verified YouTube channel BSN, the Romanian authorities have already made another request to extend the detention for another 60 days. One of the women arrested with Andrew Tate is also reportedly being re-examined by DIICOT.

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