Attorney Marcy Resnik Is Mentoring Women Lawyers To Stand

MIAMI, Fla., Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The narrative is rapidly changing as the male-dominated legal space quickly becomes a playground for the female gender. Marcy Resnik, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based attorney whose firm recently won one Pro Bono award announces an expansion of her work and mission to mentor more aspiring women business lawyers to ensure equality in the courtroom and help them “lean” and find a balance between family life and the law.

Commercial law is perhaps the most complex division of the judicial system today. Dealing with issues related to leadership and relationships in trade, commerce and business can be challenging for any attorney as they are no longer limited geographically. In addition, digitization has leveled the scope for businesses, but this has not come with its inherent challenges.

Attorney Marcy Resnik is an experienced commercial attorney with a reputation for solving complicated cases. With this first-hand experience of solving complex cases and balancing family life, she has demonstrated her ability to advise prospective trial attorneys looking for advice on how best to navigate the complex world of legal and family life.

With over 34 years of experience, Marcy Resnik has consistently proven himself and challenged the male-biased status quo. However, achieving this feat was not a silver platter, says Marcy Resnik. She recognized that early in her career. Early in her career, Marcy Resnik knew that to build her credibility, she had to prove herself in the courtroom, and only then would people take her seriously.

In the early stages of her career, Marcy Resnik worked hard despite the bumpy terrain her early career presented to women. The landscape today is much more open and accommodating to women than it was decades ago. As a result, she proved herself worthy of her current position and became a sought-after name in South Florida’s crowded legal scene. However, what still bothers Marcy Resnik is inequality in the courtroom. Even after three decades of activity, Resnik often finds herself as one of the few female lawyers in this department of justice. So, as the discrepancy continued, Resnik decided to bridge the gap by adding a new dimension to her career as a mentor for young women interested in a lifelong career in law or who have recently graduated, passed the bar exam and are looking for advice for their future.

Today, Resnik is a role model for many aspiring women lawyers. She inspires young lawyers, especially women, to fight boldly for justice and to fight for equality across the board, including equal pay structures. Resnik wants women to know that it’s important to stand up for themselves first so they can stand up for their clients, and that will show in the courtroom. A woman can only stand up for a cause if she dares to speak her mind and her thoughts despite all the obstacles that come in her way. Resnik’s ideologies are already having a positive impact on young women lawyers, helping them to find meaning in their lives and the reason to change society.

Resnik has earned the prestige AV Rating by Martindale Hubble for their professionalism, ethics and ability to present their clients in the right image. She has also earned the prestigious title of Woman of Valor Jewish Center Aventura Turnberry for their tireless efforts in the courtroom. As a lawyer, Marcy Resnik is showing the world that women lawyers can make an impact in a complex area of ​​law like commercial law. Now her goal is to paint a bigger picture and make room for more women in order to end the dominance of male lawyers in this field.

As a lawyer, Resnik hopes to continue to prove herself in the courtroom while helping young lawyers follow the same path. She looks forward to seeing women in the trial scene thanks to their mentorship and inspiration.