Audidia announces better-than-expected first-time subscription conversions and exclusive content engagement on the iOS version of its flagship mobile app faidr

faidr iOS app with 10% subscription conversion rate in the first 45 days of monetization at a price point of $5.99 per month
faidrRadio, faidr’s exclusive content offering, sees 33% engagement from iOS users

BOULDER, CO, March 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ:AUUD) (NASDAQ:AUUDW) (“Auddia” or the “Company”), developer of a proprietary AI platform for audio and Innovative technologies for podcasts that are reinventing the way consumers interact with audio, announced a better-than-expected initial subscription conversion rate of 10% for the iOS version of its flagship mobile app faidr. Additionally, faidrRadio, the company’s exclusive content program available in the faidr app for iOS, retained 33% of the app’s total plays alongside traditional AM/FM radio.

The company released its 2023 operational plan in November 2022 during its management update call. The original plan was to reach a 7% subscription conversion rate by the end of March 2023. Since the subscriptions started in the iOS app 45 days ago, users have achieved a 10% conversion rate.

“We’re pleased with user response to the iOS product,” said Audidia CEO Michael Lawless. “Our goal of offering high-quality, ad-free AM/FM along with exclusive content is being well received. Now that we’ve added podcasts to the iOS app, we’re confident that we can maintain or exceed that subscription conversion rate for the product, giving us a head start on where we need to be in iOS for our metric tipping point, which we aim for in the middle of the year.”

The company previously shared its 2023 roadmap and mid-year conversion targets for the faidr product. The plan was to add exclusive content and podcasts to the faidr product and achieve $1.80 cost-per-install, 10% 30-day retention and 12% subscription conversion by the end of Q2. The 10% subscription conversion for iOS before the end of the first quarter brings this product to 12% about 2 months ahead of its planned development.

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“Also available on the iOS app is faidrRadio, the company’s exclusive content program. Since the launch of faidrRadio on iOS, the feature has garnered 33% of total plays in the app, exceeding expectations and demonstrating the added value we bring to subscribers. After a 30-day trial period, faidrRadio and commercial free AM/FM premium listening are only available via subscription,” said Theo Romeo, CMO of Audidia.

The company has also continued to make significant strides in cost per install, a key metric for consumer interest in the faidr product. On the combined iOS and Android platforms, the company is already on track to hit its half-year target of $1.80.

Audidia will roll out faidrRadio and podcasts in its Android app early in Q2 and will update the aggregate subscription conversion rate once this product is on par with iOS.

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About Audia Inc.
Audidia is reinventing how consumers interact with AM/FM radio, podcasts, music and other audio content through its proprietary audio AI platforms. Audidia’s flagship audio super app called faidr brings three industry firsts to the audio streaming landscape: subscription-based, ad-free listening on any AM/FM radio station; Podcasts with interactive digital feeds that support deeper stories and create new revenue streams for podcasters; and a proprietary chat interface for music. faidr also delivers exclusive content and playlists and showcases exciting new artists handpicked by curators and DJs. All differentiated offers are aimed at a large and rapidly growing audience.

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