Auditoria.AI Introduces Smartbots to Manage AP, AR

Providers of natural language and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Auditoria.AI has launched two AI-enabled smartbots that monitor and manage shared email inboxes for accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).

Dubbed AP Helpdesk and AR Helpdesk, the smartbots deliver automated responses that improve response time, improve service for providers and customers, and scale with automation, according to a Thursday (September 22) press release.

“Auditoria is proud to deliver the industry’s first line of purpose-built, financially conscious autonomous software [smartbots]“, CEO and co-founder of Auditoria.AI Rohit Gupta said in the publication. “This [smarbots] are fully trained in business and accounting language to manage AP and AR help desks, respond to customers and suppliers in real time, handle payment transactions and disputes, thereby improving overall customer service and financial health.”

When deployed, the smartbots will monitor AP and AR inboxes, process and edit email content, respond to requests and queries in conversation, and protect sensitive information. Depending on the clearance, they can handle requests and inquiries about things like invoices, approval status, and payments.

After the automated interactions with customers and suppliers, data is captured with reports that businesses can use for analysis, insights, decision making and visibility of the checkout position, the press release says.

“Although helpdesks employing support or customer service representatives have existed for decades, they suffer from problems with poor response times and inaccurate or incomplete answers, ultimately resulting in dissatisfied customers and a negative impact on sales,” Gupta said in the press release. “With the advent of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, we are now entering the world of intelligent, autonomous AP and AR helpdesks.”

Advances in AI and automation technology have created a whole range of opportunities to help corporate finance teams claw back hours lost to traditionally manual tasks, Gupta told PYMNTS in a September 2020 interview.

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“No. 1 they want to accelerate the transformation of the way they work,” Gupta said. “Technology as enablers is part, but not the only part. CFOs want to figure out how to recover hundreds, even thousands, of hours from the back office, where it is really about redefining the way work gets done.”

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