Automate the boring stuff with FLASH Hire? How This Artificial Intelligence-Based Platform Allegedly Aims To Simplify Screening And Hiring Processes – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO)

In the post-COVID era, a new storm seems to be blowing. As more companies recover from the financial impact of the global pandemic, the demand for a skilled and skilled workforce has risen sharply.

Recruiting new talent into a company is one of those processes that is often easier said than done. The early stages of the employment lifecycle – talent acquisition – are reportedly challenging for many companies.

Why is talent acquisition a struggle?

Nita Chhinzer, a professor of human resources and business consulting at the University of Guelph in Ontario, says the problem with the hiring process at some companies is that they don’t have an HR department that’s up to date with the latest technology or where they need to go to work Find.

Recruiters who don’t use technology can reportedly spend an enormous amount of time searching for potential candidates on websites such as microsoft corp‘s MSFT LinkedIn or Stack Overflow, an approach that has proven relatively ineffective, according to the Intelligence Automation Network.

Talent Acquisition with Tech

In the age of digital transformation, companies like The Coca Cola Co. KO are moving to digital platforms to ease the onboarding and recruitment process.

In 2020, Coca-Cola Talent Development Vice President Tapaswee helped Chandele develop an internal digital platform for talent management. According to Chandele, the platform has given the company better insights into specific roles that could not be performed manually.

Follow a path similar to Coca-Cola, TDCX inc TDCX has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-based hiring solution called FLASH Hire, which the company says helps its clients hire quickly and accurately.

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Automation of the hiring process with FLASH Hire

Bill Gates once said, “The first rule of any technology used in business is that automation applied to efficient operations increases efficiency.”

Automation has obviously found its way into almost all business areas. From an efficiency standpoint, automation combined with AI can increase productivity and reduce the effort of doing the same task manually.

Selecting suitable candidates for a position can be time consuming when done manually. From posting the job on various digital platforms to manually reviewing candidates’ resumes and matching them to job requirements, the recruitment process can take days or weeks.

TDCX says FLASH Hire eliminates the hassle by allowing users to customize the platform to their needs, which reduces the time it takes to fill a position and effectively matches candidates’ profiles to open positions.

With FLASH Hire, interviews are reportedly no longer limited to working hours as talent seekers, candidates and clients can use the platform anytime, anywhere – with tailored screening assessments, recruiters can quickly screen candidates and keep only the best to fill the position.

According to TDCX, the platform’s simple design allows anyone to use it with minimal training, leading companies to adopt it quickly. By using FLASH Hire, TDCX has reduced the time it takes to recruit by 62%.

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