Award-winning technology to solve real-world problems

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up its 2023 show in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Tech companies from all over the world spent several days presenting their most exciting products and some gadgets that will only be released in a few years.

The larger exhibits from car makers, TV makers, Google and Amazon received a lot of media attention, but if you want to find interesting innovations in technology, it’s best to come to smaller booths.

There, “What the Tech?” spent most of the weekend. An example of exciting technology that solves real world problems is CES award winner Badger.

This company makes name tags with subtitles. As the person wearing the badge speaks into their phone, what they say will appear on the badge in the e-ink.

“Now you can see what I’m saying and that helps with communication between the patient, the doctor and the nurse,” explained Badger’s Robert Galligan. “It will also be translated into 40 languages,” he said.

The Anssil mattress uses air and 14 million threads to increase sleeping comfort. A connected app adjusts what’s best for the sleeper.

“It will analyze and determine whether you are sleeping on your back, on your stomach, on your left or right side, or cross-legged or not,” said Dae Sung Rhee, CEO of ANNSiL. “And depending on that, the hardness is automatically adjusted.”

ANSSiL mattresses are available in different sizes and designs.

Rhee said they will be coming to the US market later this year. We played games with a haptic vest in virtual reality to feel body hits and recoil from weapons. Haptic suits, vests and gloves were plentiful this year.

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We’ve tried on shoes that practically lace themselves. No bending.

The kizik casual shoes can be tied or laced as tightly as you like, but do not need to be untied to get the shoes on your feet. You just step in and step on your heel. There have been several companies claiming that their flying car is coming soon. LG introduced a wireless TV prototype.

Photochromic Dusk Sport sunglasses playing music is a new and exciting thing. There was a live game show where the host is a hologram. At least a dozen robotic lawnmowers were parked on the ground.

Ring introduced surveillance cameras for the mailbox and a car. I brushed my teeth with the Y brush. It’s a U-shaped toothbrush with 35,000 bristles. Instead of brushing with a traditional toothbrush for 2 minutes, simply place the Y-brush in your mouth and move your jaw in a biting and side-to-side motion.

After 30 seconds your teeth are brushed too, or better.

CEO Benjamin Cohen said, “Here you spend at least 5 seconds on each side, so less time, we spend more time brushing.”

As the 115,000 visitors left Las Vegas on Sunday, exhibitors began packing their products for the journey home. They will return to the drawing board to develop products that they will introduce at CES 2024