Babysitter grandpa goes viral with his constant texts to vacationing daughter

Good grandparents are really an important asset for young families who are just starting out. They can teach you the basics of parenting, help entertain their grandkids, and probably most importantly, they know when you need a break because you’re their baby and they can always tell you when something’s wrong with their kid is correct.

But sometimes grandparents can be a little…er…needy, even if they’re the best grandparents in every other way. Technology has changed so much over the decades since raising kids and sometimes they need a little extra help with things that may seem easy. Soon-to-be mother-of-two Molly Madfis shared on TikTok what happened when her father, John, 75, babysat their 5-year-old Arlo for a few days while she was on a “babymoon” with her husband.

In the viral TikTok, Madfis can be seen with her husband with a text overlay that reads, “How to have a relaxed babymoon – don’t ask your dad to babysit.” Before you think Madfis is being mean to her cute dad, you can can clearly see from the text exchange that they love each other very much and their post seems to be a lot of fun.

“Arlo adores my father, but I was a little nervous about leaving her alone. My dad is pretty codependent — he goes to CVS, for example, and then calls me eight times with different questions,” Madfis told

The text exchanges that Madfis shared are quite adorable, although I’m sure having them while you’re trying to chill took the cute factor down a notch. But let’s be honest — do we think a nervous mom would have relaxed if grandpa hadn’t sent random texts letting her know things were still going well? Probably not.

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In the short clip, watch the door cam video showing John, whom Arlo affectionately calls “Poppy,” taking the little fella to school without his backpack…and 30 minutes late. Then comes the text “Hi, how do you toast” that John sent along with a picture of the options displayed on the machine. Clearly, or at least clear to his daughter and viewers, there was an image of a piece of bread indicating the toast option. When Madfis explained where the bread symbol was, there was still some confusion, but he made it work.

“The one that looks like pizza would have worked,” answered the grandpa.

never again #fyp

The lyrics get funnier as time goes on. At one point, he asked if he should keep the leftover pizza in the fridge, complete with a photo of a half-empty pizza box. But the kicker was when Madfis asked for a picture of her child. John’s response was a classic father move: “Why? You already know what he looks like.”

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The comments section was full of people referencing and laughing at the video.

“I asked my FIL [father-in-law] for a picture of my baby so he sent me the picture I sent him of her last week,” one mother commented.

“Love that he didn’t mind sending you pics of the toaster and pizza but was confused as to why you wanted one of the kid,” wrote another person, complete with a crying laughing emoji.

Others commented that the little boy probably had the best week of his life with his Poppy. Look, even people who take their kids to school every day sometimes forget their backpacks, so we grandpa can take it easy. As for the rest – be yourself, Poppy. Memories are definitely made.

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