Bail-breaking US citizen in outburst of anger against judges, police and lawyers – Armagh I

An American accused of misusing a communications network is back in jail after violating bail conditions and firing his fifth attorney in as many weeks

Matthew Wolf, 45, who hails from New York but now lives in Switzerland, is accused of scaring a woman needlessly between January 31 and February 1, in what he calls a “misunderstanding”.

The complainant, who is from Moy, met Wolf during an evening in Belfast and made an appointment for the following day.

However, she changed her mind and texted him to “break up.”

Despite this, Wolf made reservations at a guest house and questioned local residents about the complainant.

He was arrested but refused bail offered by Dungannon Magistrates’ Court and insisted that there was no need to ban contact with the applicant.

Wolf later relented and agreed to accept them, although he found the terms “obnoxious.”

However, he contacted the applicant before his release from prison, which nearly resulted in bail being revoked.

Wolf, his fourth lawyer at the time, applied for a brief visit to Switzerland, which was arranged on condition that £50,000 be deposited with the police for the temporary return of his passport.

No cash was provided, but Wolf still traveled via Dublin using a European Residence Card.

Having to report to the police on his return but unable to get a flight back to Dublin, Wolf flew to Belfast on a private jet, where he was arrested.

He was brought to trial where District Judge Bernie Kelly found the violation proven and remanded him.

Wolf promptly fired his attorney and demanded to appear in court the next day.

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He hired a fifth attorney, but before the case was called, Wolf fired her, too, for “gross incompetence.”

Angry at the appearance via video link, he said: “I do not agree with these virtual hearings. As a partner in a large investment firm, I cannot interview a management team online.”

He insisted the violation was unproven, and instead took Judge Kelly’s decision as an “opinion.”

Assistant District Judge Sean O’Hare said: “The court has found that you broke the law. That cannot be repeated.”

Wolf replied, “I disagree, sir. That is not true.”

The judge said: “You can dispute it, but it’s a fact. The ship sailed.”

Wolf replied, “That’s not a fact, sir. That’s an opinion. The detective lied under oath and I add that to my Ombudsman complaint. I have a complaint against Judge Kelly and I’ll add you to that Judge O’Hare if you don’t want to listen to me. I didn’t sign the deposit terms. Judge Kelly cannot find me a violator unless I consented to them, so the factual judgment is not true.”

He continued: “Because I have funds, I spent 30,000 Swiss francs to fly to Belfast where I was being held.”

A detective constable pointed out that travel would only be allowed up to £50,000 bail, which never came, adding: “The defendant has no regard for bail terms. We didn’t know he had left the country.”

With repeated “objections,” Wolf demanded that he appear in court in person the next day.

When told it wasn’t possible, he insisted.

“I will not accept that. There’s no reason why I can’t be in court tomorrow. I don’t want to be in court in Dungannon. You are not sensible, sir. I want to stand before the Crown Court, not the Magistrates’ Court.”

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Wolf accused the detective of “charging me with a misdemeanor of continued communication, which is total bullshit. He arrested me for rape and molestation. I suggest that he and his colleagues are ready. No bail, just jail.”

Judge O’Hare remarked, “We can arrange that.”

Before storming off, Wolf shouted, “You will be charged, sir, as will Judge Kelly. Thank you for the injustice. I’m done with Dungannon Magistrates’ Court.”

The case will be reviewed next month.

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