Ban polling stations on college campuses for security reasons? Please.

Regarding “Hill Country Republican Tries to Ban Polling Stations on College Campuses, Calling It a Safety Issue” (February 22): How gullible does Rep. Carrie Isaac think we are? She claims this law, which bans polling stations on college campuses, is part of a school safety initiative. And yet it doesn’t start with K-12 schools, where a smaller demographic is eligible to vote. Their initial focus is on college campuses, where almost all students could vote. In K-12 schools, it’s more difficult to set up polling stations that aren’t in the middle of student activity, but that’s not necessarily the case on college campuses.

In the early days of the pandemic, Rice University had established a polling station in Rice Stadium, making it easier to follow COVID protocols and not in the middle of classrooms or dormitories. As far as I remember, there was a competition between the universities in the region for the highest voter turnout. And that’s probably why Rep. Isaac is targeting colleges, as is Lt. gov. Dan Patrick. It’s not about security; it is about making it difficult for certain sections of the population to vote. These populations are those that Rep. Isaac likely believes will not vote for their party.

People need to stop complaining that the younger generations are not rising and are not patriotic as leaders keep trying to prevent the same generations from fulfilling their civic duty. It is not a badge of honor to make voting difficult for those entitled. Democracy requires the participation of all sections of the population to survive, not just the select few.

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Instead of discouraging them, maybe just cheer them on.

Jean Tanner, Houston

In the 1800s and 1900s, we mounted a horse or used a wagon or carriage, and in some cases walked to a polling station to vote. In 2023, we’re still physically going to a polling station to vote when we should be able to vote from the comfort of our homes or a public library. There is a state official who is now introducing a bill to restrict voting at colleges and universities. We pay our bills and send money with computers. We file our taxes, do banking and gamble online. When will we move to modern voting and do away with on-the-spot voting? It would be a huge savings in money and manpower.

John Truitt, Houston

After obeying the law and paying taxes, the most important responsibility and right of citizens is to vote. Calling a bill that would ban polling stations on college campuses a security measure is absurd. It is an apparent attempt to prevent college students from exercising their privilege, right and, some would even say, duty to exercise this most important act of citizenship.

Rep. Isaac, a Republican, says her goal is to keep “potentially dangerous people” off school grounds. Apparently she considers young voters who could vote for a Democratic candidate “dangerous”. Nonsense! If anyone is dangerous in this discussion, it’s Rep. Isaac.

Jim Greenwood, Houston

history class

Speaking of “Russia’s war” (February 23): Before the Second World War, the democracies of Europe and the USA had a chance to thwart Hitler early on, but in the interest of “peace for our time” gradually gave his demands time. Remember, all he wanted was the Sudetenland – until he wanted more and more. All Putin wanted was Crimea until he wanted Ukraine, and now we know Belarus is next. Then what?

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No one would ever mistake me for a Liberal, a Democrat, or a Biden supporter. However, I support his position on Ukraine. Yes, I know it costs a lot. But what would it ultimately cost if we stood idly by while Russia devoured Eastern Europe country by country? Sooner or later you will have to stand your ground against tyrants and dictators. History has shown us that waiting for later can be devastating.

Mike Highdon, Katy