Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn adds new map, weapons and gadgets

Battlefield 2042 Season 5, titled New Dawn, has been revealed by Electronic Arts and EA DICE. New season of online multiplayer game adds new map called Reclaimed to Battlefield 2042 based on abandoned Czech industrial complex reclaimed by nature. Other content confirmed for Battlefield 2042 includes several new weapons, new gadgets, and some major quality of life improvements. This is all in addition to the new Season 5 Battle Pass content.

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While Battlefield 2042 got off to a rocky start upon its release in late 2021, EA DICE has done significant work on the game since then. Since then, four seasons of content have been delivered. All of Battlefield 2042’s starting maps have been revamped, the class system has been brought back in Season 3, and a significant number of maps, weapons, vehicles, and more have been added that can be unlocked simply by playing. Today’s Battlefield 2042 is completely different than when it was released, and EA DICE continues those efforts with Season 5.

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The biggest addition to Battlefield 2042 Season 5 is the game’s new wintry map, Reclaimed. Players travel to the Czech industrial complex and compete over a secret train route. Locations in Reclaimed include the crash site, a derailed train where vehicular combat reigns, the landing zone, which focuses on hand-to-hand combat, the abandoned turbine, the military camp, silos, and the bunker, a central room where intense hand-to-hand combat takes place.

Reclaimed isn’t the only new addition to Battlefield 2042, however. Three new weapons, the XCE Bar, GEW-46 and BFP.50, are also being added in Season 5. The GEW-46 is particularly exciting because it’s inspired by a fan-favorite weapon from Battlefield 4. Also, new gadgets are in the works, with the Spring Grenade, Anti-Tank Grenade, and Mini-Grenade planned for this season.

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Planned quality of life changes include an overhaul to the Hourglass map, coming later in Season 5, as well as overhauls to vehicle gear and vault weapons. However, the biggest quality of life improvement is the addition of the Squad Management System. The SMS provides an interface that allows Battlefield 2042 players to join specific squads or create new ones while sharing squad leadership.

All of this and more will arrive in Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn. Expect EA DICE to share more information about Season 5, its content and planned changes in the coming days and weeks. As in previous Battlefield 2042 seasons, all game-related content in Season 5 is free and earned through progression.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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