Beginner’s Guide to Acko Car Insurance

The duty of a responsible driver does not end with buying a car and learning to drive. This includes getting the right car insurance. Whether it’s repair costs, compensation for the total loss of your car or compensation for third-party damage, car insurance covers all of this. As a new car owner there are a lot of things you need to decide, the first being your car insurance company. While the choice may be overwhelming, the right insurer can certainly make things easier.

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When it comes to auto insurance, Acko is one of the most popular names out there today. The company has built a broad customer base of more than 7.5 crores due to the high claims handling rate, extensive coverages and fast claims handling process. Learn more about Acko’s auto insurance as you read on.

Types of car insurance

The following types of Acko auto insurance policies are available and you can choose according to the needs of your vehicle.

Motor vehicle liability insurance

As the name suggests, motor vehicle liability insurance is intended to cover the liability of someone else or someone else’s property. Third party liability insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles in India. If the insured vehicle causes damage or loss to persons or property of third parties in an accident, Acko is there for you to pay the compensation. The premium you pay is determined by IRDAI based on the engine displacement of the insured vehicle and is quite affordable. Liability insurance does not provide insurance coverage for the insured vehicle.

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Fully comprehensive insurance for your car offers a wide range of coverage. Acko’s car insurance covers both your own damage and damage caused to people or property of third parties. Damage caused to the insured vehicle by fire, accident, explosion, theft, riot and natural disaster is covered. Due to the broader coverage, the premium for comprehensive insurance is higher compared to liability insurance. You also have the option to add add-ons to further increase coverage.

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Benefits of choosing Acko car insurance

If you are wondering what benefits you will enjoy with Acko car insurance, then check out the following pointers:

There are no additional costs with Acko’s auto insurance plans. Therefore, you can get plans with the best possible premium.

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Acko’s claim process is very simple and straightforward. Acko car insurance offers the option of picking up and dropping off your damaged car (in selected cities). The car will be picked up, repaired within 3 days and brought back to you on site. The company also offers paperless auto claims and small claims claims are settled instantly

Everyone wants to avail discounts so they can enjoy lower rewards. Acko offers incredible discounts and offers during festivals and occasions

Renewing Acko car insurance is not a difficult task. You can renew the plans both online and offline and this is done in a few steps. However, make sure to renew the plan before the expiry date to get discounts and better deals.

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What to look out for when buying car insurance

There are a few things to consider when purchasing car insurance. These can include the following questions:

1. What coverage do you need?

The coverage required for your vehicle can depend on several factors such as your location, how often you drive the car, its age, your budget, etc. So analyze the needs of your vehicle and choose a plan between a third party liability insurance and a fully comprehensive insurance plan accordingly. Liability insurance can help with older or less frequently driven vehicles.

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2. Do you need add-ons?

Various additional services are available for fully comprehensive vehicle insurance. Each add-on adds up to your car insurance premium. So be sure to only select the add-ons you really need to avoid unnecessary premium fees.

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3. Does your chosen plan include accident insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is the medical care provided to the driver of the insured vehicle in the event of an accident. Whether liability or fully comprehensive insurance, secure your accident protection.

4. Is the claiming process easy?

The complaints process must be simple and quick. Acko Autoversicherung offers you both online and offline processes for making claims. You can also make a claim through Acko’s mobile application. Settle the claim within a few hours or a few days, depending on the damage incurred.

5. Can you opt for cashless services?

Cashless services can be accessed at any network garage operated by the insurance company. Therefore, it is important that you choose a company with a broader repair shop network in order to be able to easily take advantage of the cashless advantages.

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6. Have you checked your car’s IDV?

Insured Declared Value or IDV is the value of your car that you would receive in the event of your vehicle being totaled. The IDV is the current market price of your vehicle at the time the car insurance was taken out. So keep an eye on the IDV decided by Acko.

7. Have you read the policy documents?

Reading Acko car insurance policy texts is important and cannot be skipped no matter how time consuming it is. Remember to read the plan exclusions along with the inclusions to better understand the plan.

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8. Are you confused?

Try to understand all of the terms and clauses of your auto insurance plan. If you don’t understand a term, don’t skip it, but ask your insurance provider for an explanation.

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9. Are you satisfied with the customer support?

Acko customer service is available 24/7. So you don’t have to rush anywhere if necessary, just turn to Acko. The Acko customer care team is at your disposal to help you and process your request in the shortest possible time.


Car insurance is important to protect your hard-earned money from the expensive repair costs of your vehicle. Apart from that, liability insurance is compulsory under the Motors Act of India. Acko Auto Insurance offers you much-needed coverage with its wide range of network repair shops and 24/7 Acko customer service.

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