Bella Hadid’s most popular face contouring device is now 20% off

Save 20% on Bella Hadid’s go-to skincare toolLOIC VENANCE – Getty Images

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Fashion month is already drawing to a close, but you don’t have to wait until fall 2023 to channel a supermodel glow — through your at-home skincare routine. Now through March 6, NuFace is offering 20 percent off its celebrity-favorite microcurrent tools and kits, which also happen to be among Bella Hadid’s favorite instant facelift items.

There’s a reason NuFace has received the seal of approval from supermodels, actresses, and editors. In particular, the brand’s popular and easy-to-use Trinity set “is FDA cleared to help tone facial muscles and improve the overall contour and appearance of skin,” according to Marisa Garshick, board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at Cornell University , previously to “It comes with the gel primer and can help rejuvenate skin and improve skin laxity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

After applying NuFace’s included gel primer, it’s a breeze to maneuver the device over the cheeks, forehead, and jawline for a more contoured look. In fact, NuFace is working to deliver a mini facelift in just five minutes of use per day. Even as an initial skeptic, I quickly noticed more overall definition after a few days of trying the NuFace Mini.

As much as we swear by the NuFace, the brand’s beloved devices aren’t what we’d consider cheap – and that’s what makes the Friends and Family sale even more worthwhile. If you’re a skincare tool newbie, we recommend checking out the NuFace Mini Starter Kit first, which is a great introduction to the brand — it shows results and is small enough to fit in your dopp kit. For all the bells and whistles, the Trinity+ is at the top tier of NuFace’s offerings, plus it comes with an eye and lip attachment for more targeted treatment. And if you already own a device, now is the best time to stock up on one of the brand’s firming, brightening or hydrating activator gels.

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Whatever gadgets and accessories you add to your cart this week, we bet you’ll be looking runway ready in no time with NuFace’s limited-time beauty sales. We recommend acting quickly to snag these rare offers before the sale ends on Monday.

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