“Bengals are going back to the bowl”: This is how social media reacted to the Bengals’ 27:16 win over the Ravens

CINCINNATI, Ohio — The Bengals ended the regular season with a 27-16 win over the Ravens. Their seventh straight win began with an impressive opening half in which the Bengals had a rushing TD, a passing TD, and a defensive TD en route to a 24-7 lead at halftime. With the win, the Bengals shared the season streak with every team in the AFC North.

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Joe Burrow was far from having his best game, but 215 yards on 25 of 42 passes with a TD isn’t bad at all, especially when it comes to a record in the win column. As for Burrow’s goals, Ja’Marr Chase led with eight catches for 86 yards and a TD. Tyler Boyd finished the match with 51 yards while Joe Mixon added 41 yards. Both had five catches. Hayden Hurst also had several catches, finishing with four for 14 yards as Burrow completed passes to seven different targets.

The defense set the tone early on and took all the momentum with them, especially in the first half. The Bengals took their foot off the gas a bit in the second half, but with another matchup against Baltimore on the horizon and expectations of a deep playoff run weighing on it, it’s better to play it safe.

Here’s what social media had to say after the win:

ESPN’s Field Yates: Joe Burrow was asked about a possible win window for Bengals after today’s game. His response: “The window is my whole career… Our window is always open.” Chief’s response.

“Happy that the Bengalis won. Back-to-back division champions for the first time. I just hope Cappa can leave next week and the offense can play their first full game in the last month. All the clamor about a coin toss for nothing.” Bengals fan @kevrog41 tweeted.

Cincinnati FOX 19’s Jeremy Rauch: Joe Burrow on back-to-back AFC titles: ‘That’s our standard now.’ ‘We’ll smoke cigars every year.’

“Imagine Bengals going back to the bowl” @VVilsonvsn tweeted.

“A rollercoaster ride of a week, but let’s not forget – this is the first time @ Bengal have won the AFC North in consecutive seasons in franchise history. It’s a new dey.” Bengals superfan @bridgetjancarz tweeted.

“Joe Mixon said they saw the tweet from @ochocinco to the celebration of the coin toss and loved it.

“I figured I might get a fine for that.”

Heard Chad tweeted he’d pay for it, said he plans to call it out.

“If he said it publicly, I’m sure he’s true to his word.” Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic tweeted.

“Bengals are getting fines today just so they can pay them lodgings.” @arcaneamber tweeted.

@GhostofFatso: I think so #ravens Do you have a legitimate chance next week, particularly with Lamar back, to rejoin the lineup with healthier Andrews, Dobbins, Zeitler, Peters and Stephens? Yup. I think so #Bengal played a very easy game against what they will show next week? also yep

“After the week the whole Bengals organization had you pushing to get that win and move on. 8 consecutive wins with the toughest schedule to finish all teams’ Szn. No other team has such a CV. Bengals vs Ravens again next weekend for all the marbles. It’s now up or shut up, Szn!” Bengals fan Mr. BuckNut tweeted.

“The Bengals have the most AFC North championships since 2009,” @JakeSirkus tweeted.

Locked on Bengals podcast host Jake Liscow: Bengals avoid the downsides of NFL rules, but the perks the team wanted don’t come into play in potential divisional round matchups. Back-to-back AFC North championships are cool. Now you just control what you can control in the playoffs and leave the rest behind.

I thought the Bengals were screwed after Awuzie went down. You found a diamond in the rough at Taylor-Britt. Can only hope for the same with Cappa’s injury.” @FloridaBengals tweeted.

“Burrow on the Scramble: That was cool. I was proud of myself for that.” The Athletic’s Jay Morrison tweeted.

“Ja’Marr Chase hit the 1000 yard mark with this TD reception.

He has only played 12 games this season. Totally dominant. He’s in the divine league of NFL receivers.” @SartiranaLuca tweeted.

“Joe Mixon and the backstory to celebrate the coin toss.

I later asked if it was a message to the league or just for fun. He said you can take how you want to take it. #BengalCincinnati FOX 19’s Joe Danneman tweeted.

“You don’t give it to us, we took it!” – #Bengal Wide receiver Tyler Boyd on hitting the #ravens and ended the season 12-4.” Locked on Bengals host James Rapien tweeted.